Israel Tours

Israel tours offer the chance to see the numerous tourist attractions and historic sites scattered throughout this small but fascinating country. If you’re interested in tours, selecting a reputable travel agent with different tours and package options and one who will thoroughly plan your itinerary is an important part of making your vacation plans.

Israel tour packages can range from individual day tours to multi-day guided tours with differing agendas; tours can accommodate Christian, Jewish, and Muslim sites in the Holy Land; bar and bat mitzvahs, archaeology, Israeli history, or a combination of any of those things. Tours arranged through travel agents also provide various vacation packages so travelers can customize their tour packages according to personal preferences, length of vacation time, and budget.

From museums and archaeological sites to hiking trails and mountain summits, Israel tours are one of the best ways to see the country from coast to coast with experienced tour guides and interpreters leading the way. Tours to Israel can also be booked for vacationers traveling by cruise ship and for those interested in visiting additional countries including Turkey and Greece.

Israel tour packages can cater to specific vacation plans such as visiting religious sacred sites, historical attractions, and ancient ruins, or they can encompass fun-filled holidays at the beaches and scuba diving trips near Eilat. A perk of these package vacations is they remove the stress of planning for accommodations or transportation; for instance, one of the most complete Israel tour packages is one that includes all accommodations, meals, and transportation along with additional visits to neighboring Egypt and Jordan.

Choosing when to go and which things to do are important when planning tours to Israel and depends on your specific plans. During the summer months, the beaches along the Dead Sea are popular among tourists who come for the invigorating, salt-heavy waters, while tourists vacationing along the Mediterranean enjoy sunning, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Tours to Israel can focus on these outdoor activities as well as highlight the many cultures that have paved the historical path of this small country, such as ancient Byzantine and Roman influences. Many areas contain complete and partial ruins of past cultures, such as the sites of Masada and Megiddo, or the Roman ruins of aqueducts and amphitheatres in Caesarea; all of these attractions are accessible when booking Israel tours.

With so many significant locations to choose from and travel agencies eager to provide arrangements for sightseeing, vacationers can visit locations not easily accessible to the public, such as the West Wall Tunnels in Jerusalem, which are the subject of one of the best tours in Israel.

This ancient site was discovered in 1968 when the Western Wall was renovated. The tunnels run along the foundation of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, where the most Holy of Holies was originally located and comprise some of the oldest areas of the wall. These ancient tunnels cannot be entered alone and are only accessible when accompanied by a certified tour guide.

Tours to Israel include not only guided tours of multiple locations and attractions but also individual tours to historical areas, archaeological sites, along with self-guided tours at museums that contain a variety of items from ancient weapons to new contemporary art. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is one of the most popular of these. The old and new cultures of Israel offer an exciting vacation that creates an educational, spiritual, and emotional experience that is nearly impossible to find at other destinations, ensuring that you have an unforgettable trip to Israel.

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