Israel Vacation Packages

Israel vacation packages ensure that a visit to the Holy Land is a memorable experience, by promising a trip that is both stress-free and educational. The country’s history encompasses Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and thousands of travelers come to Israel throughout the year to visit its ancient sacred sites.

Not only is the religious significance of the country an important reason for visiting, the scenic beauty of the mountains, warm waters of the sea, magnificent waterfalls, and lush vegetation and desert terrain create an appealing destination with multiple landscapes.

The temperature is moderate throughout the year, and whether your plans are to arrive by air or cruise ship, travelers with a pre-planned vacation package to Israel can be assured that an exceptional itinerary has been tailored to suit individual travel requirements, no matter when or how you make the trip.

Travelers to Israel come for many reasons. Many make the trip to see the ancient historical locations, Roman ruins, and artifacts of cultures that shaped the country or to make a personal pilgrimage to Jerusalem and religious sites that provide special meaning to each visitor.

Vacationers can also take advantage of resort areas along the Mediterranean coast, where swimming, sunbathing, and jet skiing provide entertainment, or they can relax in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea and experience rejuvenating mud baths. In Tiberias, a resort city on the Sea of Galilee, the hot springs provide weary travelers with an invigorating mineral water bath.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of Israel travel deals by booking a vacation package that includes hiking trips through some of the country’s national parks. There are also inclusive multiple-day or extended-day tours to Jordan and Egypt, if you’d like to see additional parts of the Middle Eastern landscape such as the Sinai Desert.

Israel travel packages may include complete meal and hotel accommodations for the duration of the trip, airfare and all applicable taxes, transportation to and from the airport, shuttle service, an arranged tour itinerary to local and surrounding sightseeing locations, and entry fees to various attractions. Not all packages are all-inclusive however, so it’s important to check ahead of time regarding what is or isn’t part of your trip. Using a travel agent can also give you access to any Israel travel deals that may be available, such as discount hotel accommodations and airfares.

A variety of Israel vacation packages exist that accommodates single travelers, couples, senior citizens, and families, and they can be designed to fit any budget. A vacation package to Israel may be bundled as multi-day cruises with Ashdod or Haifa as major ports of call for cruises or packaged to include airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, and guided tours.

Specifically, Israel travel deals are available for groups such as senior citizens, public service employees such as police and firefighters, and military personnel. Travelers booking Israel vacation packages catering to families or specific groups often have the opportunities to set up special guided tours and discount coupons to attractions.

A vacation package to Israel can also be created for couples planning to have their wedding or honeymoon here. Arrangements for a complete wedding package that include accommodations, airfare if applicable, meals and transportation for family members can be arranged through your wedding planner or travel agent. Regardless of the reason for your trip to Israel, you’re sure to find an abundance of packages that allow you to create the perfect vacation ahead of time, so once you arrive, you can just relax and soak it all in.

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