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With the country's mild climate, a trip to Israel is a good idea almost any time of the year, but depending on your interests, the seasons may affect your plans. If you plan a vacation in Israel during the winter months, be prepared for the rainy season. The height of summer can be overwhelmingly hot, so most tourists plan indoor activities at this time, such as visiting the many churches and museums. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant seasons of the year, and the climate in Israel at this time is warm enough to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of being too cold or too hot.

In the winter, from October to March, the clouds form overhead and drop buckets of rain. Occasionally, because the drainage is poor, the streets may flood, so if you are taking Israel trips during this time of year, it would be wise to come prepared. That's not to say you will be needing a lifejacket for major flooding, but a good strong pair of rubber shoes should do the trick, and an umbrella or raincoat would help to keep your clothes dry. Snow is minimal and relatively rare in Israel, except of course in the heights of Mount Hermon and Golan.

Summer, on the other hand, is almost completely devoid of rain. Vacationers can splash at the resort pools and, of course, at the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Eilat that line the coast of this beautiful country. At the beginning and end of the summer months, a particularly harsh desert wind is known to sweep across the area, making it extremely difficult to stay outdoors. At this time of year, visitors may find it unbearable to remain outdoors during the peak hours of the day. In this case, those who visit Israel at this time of year may want to plan for indoor activities during the day and perhaps early morning or evening expeditions to any outdoor attractions.

The most agreeable time of year to visit Israel is during the spring and fall months, which are from March to May and from September to November. The weather is always pleasant and extremely well suited to outdoor excursions and activities. After the winter rains, the blossoms burst open and fresh green grass covers the land, and animals come out of their burrows to feed on the verdant pastures—this is the spring landscape. Autumn Israel trips are a great way to top off the summer. As in spring, the fall months are ideal for outdoor travel, as the days are warm and visitors can roam about without fear of heat exhaustion under a scorching sun.

Holidays and special events can be especially confusing for visitors who are not accustomed to the holy days in this area, so it's worth figuring out ahead of time which days coincide with your vacation in Israel. Every Saturday is known as the Sabbath; this begins at sundown on Friday evening. Shops close early on Friday, making nightlife on Friday almost nonexistent in some places. In recent times, however, many shops are beginning to close for a few hours on Friday evening, and then reopening later for the growing market for evening activities. Visitors should be aware of the holidays and ritual customs and plan accordingly, especially since the country honors several different calendars, including the Gregorian, Hebrew, Julian, and Muslim versions.

Israel trips abound with activities and things to do from museums to hiking and swimming in the beautiful Mediterranean. When planning to visit Israel, it is important to know the seasons and holidays to schedule activities during a time that is suitable for your desires. This ensures that you'll have the perfect vacation in Israel, no matter where you choose to go on your travels.

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