Dead Sea

Increasing popularity of spa vacations as people lead healthier lifestyles has seen the world-renowned Dead Sea coast become a major Jordan tourism destination. The natural healing power of the Dead Sea Jordan is world renowned for its rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals and spectacular landscape.

The healing properties of the Dead Sea Jordan are believed to have attracted visitors since ancient times including King Herod the Great and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Its popularity is no different today with widely publicized Dead Sea facts promoting the health benefits of the region.

The Dead Sea at 410 meters below sea level is the lowest place on earth. Famed for having an exceptionally high salt content, the sea is largely devoid of plant and animal life. The high salt content of the seawater allows a literally buoyant experience as visitors can stretch out and bath without sinking. The warm temperate climate and high oxygen atmosphere of the Dead Sea region has even been shown to aid the recuperation of heart surgery patients.

The Dead Sea Jordan boasts a dramatically beautiful rugged landscape that forever attracts international visitors to the region. Washed up along the rocks of the Dead Sea shoreline are huge salt crystals, which look at first glance like snow.

With significant investment in the area, new luxurious resorts and hotels near Dead Sea are continually popping up. Lavish 5 star hotel resorts and spas line the coast offering modern facilities, exotic cuisine and complete luxury from which to branch out and explore the fascinating landscape. Hotels near Dead Sea have first-rate facilities offering spas, massages and fitness centers. Many also have well manicured private beaches. All aim to provide the visitor with a unique and relaxing experience. The hotels spa pools also offer the perfect setting from which to view the sunset over the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea facts are often well publicized and account for 21 Dead Sea minerals that can be found within the seawater. Impressively 12 of these minerals are exclusively Dead Sea minerals and cannot be found in any other water in the world. High levels of Dead Sea minerals to be found in the water include magnesium, sodium, potassium and bromine.

A world renowned place to rejuvenate body and soul with a mud bath, studies have shown that the rich thick black mud found along the shoreline has significant health benefits. Published Dead Sea facts site these benefits as including increased circulation, easing arthritis pain, healing allergies and revitalizing the body’s skin. The mud or pelloid is routinely used in spa treatments as it has been found to retain heat exceptionally well. Smeared onto the body, the mud has been found to cleanse the skin and relieve rheumatic pain.

A bonus for visitors to the Dead Sea Jordan is the nearby natural wonder of the Hammamat Ma’in hot springs. Both locals and tourists flock to this beautiful oasis to enjoy the mineral rich and hyper-thermal waterfalls. Underground lava fissures naturally heat the water. The hot springs are complemented by the nearby Janna Spa and Resort, which offers a variety of massages, beauty treatments, mud facials and mud wrapping.

For those unable to afford 5 star luxuries, there are plenty of hotels near Dead Sea close to Amman. Just outside of the main Dead Sea hotel zone is the Amman Touristic beach with swimming pools and changing rooms. It offers a more affordable area for lower budget travelers to stay and a good location particularly if you want to explore the historic sites of Amman.

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