Oman is located on the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East. Since the country is situated on the water, there are a number of ports where visitors can enter by cruise ship or other vessel for an Oman vacation. In the past 30 years, the country has gone from a relatively undeveloped nation to one boasting a strong tourism industry and public works; for instance, Muscat is a popular destination for its beaches and the site of a cruise ship port. Filled with a host of destinations and activities, as well as a friendly and hospitable population, holidays in Oman offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

A great majority of the cities in Oman are located along the coast, including Muscat, the capital city. When planning Oman travel, there are a number of considerations to take into account, including travel arrangements and visa requirements. Entry requires an Oman visa, which can be obtained through an application online, through the mail, or at the terminal upon arrival. Travelers should also be aware that there are limitations on which countries’ citizens will be allowed beyond the borders, so be sure to plan ahead. Plane, car, and boat are the three most popular means of entry to this country; the most straightforward method is by flying, since there are no border crossings from other countries and it takes the least amount of time. Muscat is also the largest port in the country, serving international flights and passenger cruise ships daily.

Once inside the country, getting from one place to another can be somewhat of a challenge, as there are no regular services. Most of Oman travel is done by making reservations with tour buses, hiring taxis, or booking a rental car and driving to your desired destinations. Should visitors choose to drive, there are a few rules to be aware of, including general safety tips and a unique law about driving clean cars. Driving through the country can be somewhat hazardous, not only because of reckless drivers, but also natural hazards such as rain, dark nights, and animals which can easily cause accidents. Interestingly, it happens to be illegal to drive a dirty car in Oman, so don’t be surprised if a policeman stops you for this reason.

First impressions are important for many vacationers, and the hotels and accommodations in Oman are well-equipped to make an excellent impression, especially the numerous resorts and luxury hotels. There are budget-friendly lodgings, located mostly in and around Muscat; in the outlying areas, the accommodations become more and more scarce and high-end oriented, but they offer a wonderful place to stay.

Holidays in Oman abound with activities and adventures from coastal expeditions to land excursions. The clear waters along the coast of Oman are famed for excellent visibility, creating the perfect environment for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Adventurers will find this to be a fantastic destination for rock climbing, exploring caves, and unique opportunities such as desert safaris and camel races.

Oman travel is filled with grand adventures, fine accommodations, and plenty of history, making for wonderful memories and unforgettable experiences. Holidays in Oman can include time only in the city of Muscat or can be spent exploring the whole country, including the two enclaves separated from the main portion by the United Arab Emirates, but wherever you go, you're sure to find a wonderful destination filled with equally wonderful people.

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