Muscat Oman

Muscat Oman, which was once three separate cities and now bears the name of only one of the former towns, has become the lively capital of this Middle Eastern country. Muscat boasts the largest number of ports, so getting into the city is no problem; getting around, on the other hand, may be a bit more difficult, as it can be a challenge to drive, and there are no regular transportation services within the city. Taxis and minibuses, however, are available, and beyond the technicalities of transportation, a Muscat vacation will be filled with sights to see and things to do. Accommodations in the capital city are numerous and come in a wide variety of budget options, from luxury resorts to low-cost lodgings. Muscat travel promises fond memories of a beautiful part of the world.

Since the only international airport in the country is in Muscat Oman, numerous domestic and international flights are serviced at the international airport every day, and the number is increasing each year. Oman and Gulf Air are the two domestic carriers, while there are several international carriers bringing visitors across borders from various countries throughout the world. Should any travelers be coming from the United Arab Emirates, a journey by bus or car is quite feasible, as there are buses running between Dubai and Muscat on a daily schedule, and the road connecting the two cities is well-kept and fairly safe; crossing borders and passing through customs between the United Arab Emirates and Oman is reasonably quick as well.

Once inside the city, making reservations for Muscat travel in a rental car is easy enough, but visitors should be sure to respect the traffic rules and beware of drivers who don't. With the rising awareness of road safety, traffic officers are taking action, and cameras have been posted in several areas to help prevent reckless driving. Another rule to be aware of when driving your own rental car is that dirty cars are illegal, so be sure to keep your car clean. Hiring a taxi is another option that visitors may want to consider, especially the vans known as maxi taxis or (locally) baisa busses, which offer lower fares than a regular orange and white taxi. Remember that haggling is an important part of the buying and selling scheme in this country, so by doing so will ensure the best prices on almost everything, including transportation.

Some of the most popular city sights for a Muscat vacation include museums, gardens, markets, and important buildings. The National Museum, the Omani Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Bait Muzna Gallery are very intriguing selections from the group of museums within the city; there is even a Children’s Museum for those visitors with kids. Naseem Gardens features Japanese-style cultivations, while the largest national park, Qurum National Park, displays roses amid several man-made features, including a waterfall and an amusement park. The two forts, Al Jalali and Al Mirani, and the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the third-largest in the world, are also important attractions for tourists.

Oman's location on the Arabian Peninsula also guarantees excellent beaches and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as water sports. Qurum Beach is one of the most frequently visited beaches in the country. Some of the local activities during Muscat travel include scuba diving, a night safari, and experiencing the culture through the delicious cuisine, as well as shopping for gifts and souvenirs in the many market places.

Muscat Oman offers guests a variety of options for hotels and accommodations, including well-known international names, such as the Grand Hyatt, which can be quite opulent in design and décor. Travelers on a budget will find a number of possibilities that offer comfort at affordable prices; the Golden Oasis is among the most popular in the low price range, and the Crown Plaza offers a bit more mid-range accommodations.

Wherever you choose to stay and however you get around, a Muscat vacation promises to be an adventurous and charming experience. Visitors will find a host of activities and sightseeing during holidays in Muscat that will leave lasting impressions and have you planning a return visit to the Middle East as soon as possible.

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Muscat Oman


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