Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, home to around 27 million people and covering 830,000 square miles of land. It borders the countries of Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates and also lies on both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Although Saudi Arabia is perhaps best known among westerners for its exportation of oil, the country is rich in history and thrives in the tourism industry. Saudi Arabia vacations are often spent visiting Medina and Mecca, the two holiest cities in Islam. Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, is another attraction that is popular for Saudi Arabia holidays. This bustling city is full of attractions, including Al Musmak Castle, a variety of religious and cultural museums, and Salam Park.

Saudi Arabia vacations often start in the capital city of Riyadh, one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Riyadh is a clean city that blends modern styles with old world religion. This contemporary city has an extensive public transportation system as well as trains that connect to other parts of Saudi Arabia. One of the main attractions of Riyadh is the Musmak Castle, an elaborate mud brick fort that was built in the fourteenth century. Visitors should also visit the Al Faisaliyah Center, Saudi Arabia"s first skyscraper which affords stunning views of Riyadh. This architectural masterpiece features a shopping center and is topped with a golden ball that contains a restaurant. If you"re looking for Las Vegas style bars and nightclubs, you won"t find them on Saudi Arabia holidays. Bars, nightclubs, and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the country.

Saudi Arabia considers its religious values to be of utmost importance. When taking Saudi Arabia vacations, visitors must adhere to a number of policies. First, all visitors should avoid wearing shorts and women should choose clothing that isn"t revealing. In some parts of Saudi Arabia, women are expected to wear an "abaya," which is a long dress that covers all parts of the body except for the ankles. It"s also essential that visitors taking Saudi Arabia holidays pack with the heat and sun in mind. Make sure to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen, as temperatures in Saudi Arabia can reach 108 degrees Fahrenheit in July! Shopping is a popular activity in all parts of Saudi Arabia and ranges from upscale malls and luxury boutiques to informal bazaars and markets. The shopping malls in Saudi Arabia are quite large and specialize in luxury goods, such as cosmetics, fragrances, and upscale brands. The Al-Rashid Mall in Riyadh has over 600 shops and 6 department stores. Bargaining is an acceptable practice in Saudi Arabian culture. Many people like to buy gold on their Saudi Arabia vacations because they find they can get lower prices by bargaining and comparison shopping. If you"re looking for lower prices on your souvenirs, head to the bazaars and souks for handcrafted goods such as rugs and blankets. Some of the bazaars in large cities such as Riyadh are open until midnight.

The country doesn"t encourage Saudi Arabia travel for non-Muslims or westerners, therefore it doesn"t issue tourist visas. A person visiting Saudi Arabia must have family residing in the country, have investment or business reasons for visiting the country, or be a Muslim who wishes to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Student visas are sometimes issued for study abroad or research programs. If you have the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia, you"ll be greeted by friendly people and a culture that is deeply rooted in Islamic tradition.



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