Al Ain UAE

Characterized by resplendent, red-hued sand dunes and a magnificent expanse of towering mountains, the city of Al Ain has much to offer during UAE holidays. Less two hours from bustling Dubai, Al Ain is one of the largest cities in the UAE and officially part of the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Al Ain UAE attractions are close to many of the leading UAE attractions creating an opportunity for a fantastic day trip. Glimpses of bountiful sand dunes through the tree lined highway toward Al Ain UAE affords excellent scenery on a drive toward the city. Also described as an urban oasis, an Al Ain vacation is also known as a vacation in “The Eye”. The city is the second of the Abu Dhabi Emirate and borders the country of Oman.

There are many Al Ain attractions to explore during a visit to the city. After a hearty breakfast at one of the many great Al Ain restaurants, there are many things to do that will easily fill up the days quickly. Al Ain has long been a destination for many sheikhs of the UAE who enjoy the cooler temperatures as a welcome respite from the rest of the country’s muggy coastal humidity. Aside from the well-appreciated microclimate enjoyed during an Al Ain vacation, the many forts, some still in ruins and others well-restored, are part of a series of archaeological sites visitors can tour. UAE’s history shines through among these ruins, revealing age-old settlements which once thrived in the area.

Also known as the “Garden City of the Gulf” the oases provides ample amounts of water to the region allowing for many scenic parks and manicured gardens to flourish with lush, exotic plants. The vibrant and blooming city is yet another reason why so many choose to visit. It offers a beautiful contrast from the often stark and arid desert landscape. Though the coastal cities such as Umm Al Quwain and Sharjah carry a more tourist feel, Al Ain UAE has a more traditional Arabic atmosphere, affording a more authentic UAE experience. Points of interest include the Camel Souk, or market, camel races, the Al Ain Museum and the Ain Al-Faydhah Resort, a facility filled with innumerable kinds of entertainment.

The Al Ain Zoo and the Al Ain Mall are two of the largest attractions visited by tourists. The Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium has operated successfully since 1969. The catalyst for the development of the zoo was the UAE President’s personal interest in wildlife and creating a facility to safely sustain a variety of species. In the almost three decades of operation, the amassment of animals at the Al Ain Zoo has grown remarkably. Arabian deer and antelope enjoy the largest areas in the Al Ain Zoo while other species include African antelope, eland, gazelle, tigers, jaguars, pumas and many more animals that can be seen each day. Another benefit is admission costs are mere cents!

Shopping seems to be a national pastime in UAE, whether it’s at modern malls or old-style souks. Flanked by the majestic Hajar Mountains, the Al Ain Mall is one of the most distinguished throughout all the Emirates. There are plenty of Al Ain restaurants to choose from for dining between all the exciting shopping and attractions, including Egyptian, Indian, Turkish, Lebanese, Chinese and well-known fast food. Boasting world class standards, the Al Ain Mall is not only a shopping center but also offers many leisure opportunities such as desert cruises. Two massive levels encompass a bowling alley, an ice skating rink, four movie theaters, many play areas, entertainment centers and myriad retail outlets.

Outside of the Al Ain Mall area there are plenty more restaurants to choose from. With so many international residents and tourists, there is a large variety of Al Ain restaurants, even for the most discerning visitors. During an Al Ain vacation be sure to take a tour of the city’s fascinating citadels and visit the Jebel Hafit for exceptional views of desert dunes and colorful sunsets. Al Ain attractions also include desert safaris, perfect for exploring the surrounding terrain via expeditions using 4WD as transportation. The colorful and exciting city opens its doors wide for a fun, exciting and fulfilling holiday in the UAE.

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