UAE Attractions

As time goes on, UAE attractions keep growing in number and size. Though there are many natural UAE attractions found throughout the country there are also an amazing number of man-made attractions that have drawn a lot of attention to the region. The desert is the largest natural attractions comprising a huge land mass home to a number of hearty animals. There aren’t too many mammals that can survive the harsh desert heat but there are some that have survived well over the years. Honey badgers, gazelles, the sand cat and a strong species of fox all still survive in the sweeping desert.

Many visitors are curious about the massive sandy expanse. One of the best ways to see and experience the desert dunes and hills is by taking a desert safari. It’s one of the most popular UAE tours available during holidays and provides a heart-stopping ride complete with ‘dune bashing’. Tours also offer camel rides or races, a desert barbeque feast and traditional belly dancing underneath bedouin-style tents. This UAE tourist attraction lasts for an entire morning or afternoon and is also possible as an overnight trip.

Dubai attractions always have a way of coming out on top. Since the economy is strongest in Dubai, there are always improvements being made, whether it’s adding to the long list of Dubai attractions, bettering roads and highways or adding yet another shopping mall to the city’s large collection. Shopping is paramount in Dubai. The Mall of the Emirates is a testament to the importance of shopping in the region. The many local souks scattered all over Dubai coupled with modern shopping malls creates one of the most interesting places to shop in the world.

Dubai attractions include the many architectural marvels featured throughout the area. Both the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Burj Tower have been acclaimed for their brilliant designs and have become landmarks in the city landscape. Near both of these incredible benchmarks of modern society are the phenomenal Palm Islands and World Islands. The new Dubai Waterfront is also under construction and sure to be another of the very famous Dubai attractions.

Though Abu Dhabi comprises more than 80% of the land in the UAE, it is a less popular UAE tourist attraction than Dubai. Heritage Village is one of the renowned Abu Dhabi attractions exemplifying Bedouin life through a ‘living museum.’ Bedouin tribes were among the first living in the deserts of the UAE and are a prevalent part of the region’s history. Abu Dhabi attractions also include the revered White Fort, also known as the Al Hosn Palace. It’s one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Abu Dhabi. It was extensively renovated in the 1980s and is now home to the Cultural Fountain, an area that features an excellent museum.

Both the Liwa Oasis and The Corniche are also top Abu Dhabi attractions. The first is the largest Arabian oasis, home to the very hospitable Bedu tribe, many freshwater pools and date plantations. The Corniche is a coastline avenue lined with parks, palms and water. It borders the city and provides a wonderful place to relax. It’s considered one of the most ideal areas in Abu Dhabi. Roller blading, long walks, picnics and more are all popular pastimes tm enjoy at The Corniche.

Many other UAE attractions can be explored in the revered city of Al Ain, or throughout the Persian Gulf emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah. Though most people tend to stick to Dubai, rental transportation is affordable and can take you further off the beaten path to discover a wealth of Arabian delights. Visitors can beach-hop and take in the sublime geography or stay at one of the excellent UAE resorts and enjoy a sun-soaked holiday. From city delights to small-town curiosities, UAE is an interesting blend of Middle Eastern culture and modern day ideals creating one of the most intriguing destinations in the Middle East today.

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