UAE Cruises

An increasing number of tourists are jumping aboard UAE cruises. As Dubai preens itself into one of the most-visited countries in the world, the tourist industry continues to grow. Cruises to Dubai from the United Kingdom are also growing in popularity. Dubai cruise ships leaving from the region’s ports are traveling to all kinds of wonderful destinations including many of the other emirates like Fujairah and Abu Dhabi. Currently Italy’s Costa Cruises have become a leader in Dubai cruises, offering six weekly package vacations throughout the Arabian Gulf, the UAE and several other excellent Middle Eastern destinations.

One of the most popular Dubai cruises and biggest attractions are traditional Dhow cruises. This traditional vessel is adorned with an Arabian theme, made entirely of wood and was used exclusively by merchants and traders in the past. Dubai cruises on a dhow are usually fun dinner cruises that travel along the Dubai Creek passed a number of creek-side attractions. This cruise is an especially romantic one taken under the stars. This traditional Dubai cruise ships trademark dinner is normally either oriental of continental and includes drinks and entertainment. These types of UAE cruises are a great way to enjoy UAE nightlife without heading to the busy clubs or bars.

Cruises to Dubai can be arranged from many ports around the world. Dubai cruise ships are often modern and luxurious and brimming with many lavish amenities and services. Tourists can take cruises to Dubai from Australia, Africa, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Bahrain. There are also many other world wide cities offering cruises to Dubai with a host vacation packages to choose from. Options include anything from one week UAE cruises up to 30 nights and more. Dubai cruise ships offer a variety of cabins, from simple rooms to deluxe suites, to choose from. Most Dubai cruises include some or all meals as well as wide array of activities to enjoy and interesting port stops.

With a long history of seafarers behind it, Abu Dhabi cruises are also very popular. Abu Dhabi cruises also include the traditional dhow cruises found around Dubai. Most Abu Dhabi hotels and resorts will help in arranging a day or evening cruise for guests. Though these time-honored vessels appear much as they did many years ago, the interiors are designed with complete comfort in mind, including viewing decks, dining areas, modern bathrooms and satellite navigation. It’s also possible to charter a dhow boat for larger groups and enjoy private Abu Dhabi cruises in the area.

Coastal islands are a popular destination for Dubai cruise ships and cruises leaving from Abu Dhabi. In Dubai, cruising along the coastline brings the Palm Islands into full view, an astonishing and extraordinary development that often evoke some jaw-dropping form tourists. In Abu Dhabi favored cruises include a relaxing ride along the Corniche, a prime leisure area featuring lush gardens and impressive landscape design. Both cruises to Dubai and cruises around the area are exceptional experiences. Viewing any destination from the water offers a unique perspective never truly experienced from dry land. If you’re visiting Dubai on a cruise, the sheer number of attractions and things to do will create many wonderful memories of a destination that constantly outdoes itself with the new and modern.

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