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‘Ambitious’ is the best way to describe Dubai UAE and it’s definitely an understatement! Preceding the massive oil strike in the mid-1960"s, Dubai UAE was a simple destination home to modest Bedouin clans and other settlements living around the main creek in the emirate, the backbone of society in those times. Ruled by the United Kingdom until the mid 20th century, Dubai travel was done mainly by camel with little infrastructure and no running water. In those days a Dubai vacation was not much of an option for any travelers, even the most intrepid.

Since discovering abundantly rich oil reserves circa 1966, things took a dramatic turn and began the initial path to a wealthy and continuously thriving economy. With oil reserves invested in many clever ventures and sustainable development, Dubai tourism began kicking off like nothing the world has ever seen. The presiding dynasty, the Maktoum family, remain exceptionally driven and are the main push behind the mega-developments Dubai UAE has seen over the years. Impressively managed enterprises boast intelligence and sheer genius and as the ruling family grows its riches, so do the rest of the Emirati with more jobs and more money to go around.

Blocks of office buildings, incredible skyscrapers and an excellent network of transportation routes have enticed many people into enjoying Dubai tourism while thousands of foreigners now live and work in the area, many living in nearby Sharjah. As world class Dubai hotels, lavish UAE resorts and abundant Dubai luxury hotels spring up across the thriving emirate, Dubai tourism continues to rise. Dubai travel consistently becomes more efficient, affordable and convenient as time passes. With less than 25% of an ethnic population and the rest foreigners, Dubai UAE is one of the most culturally diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Dubai travel literally offers something for every taste and preference. With more and more cheap hotels Dubai visitors have found an affordable and truly exciting place for vacations while those looking to live large flock to opulent Dubai resorts and boutique hotels. Another reason Dubai tourism is thriving incredibly is the average rainfall of not more than five days per year, constant sunny skies and warm temperatures, making it an ideal year-round destination for holidays. Throw in a golden sandy Dubai beach, striking Dubai Island and a host of excellent attractions and you’ve the best ingredients around for a holiday full of endless fun.

Any Dubai beach or beach park is a hotspot for tourists looking for relaxing days seaside. With hospitality playing a key factor in each tourist development, each Dubai beach is chock full of many convenient amenities and facilities. Both entertainment and recreational facilities ensure each visitor has the best experience possible during a Dubai vacation. The best-known Dubai beach of all is Jumeirah Beach, a long, golden stretch situated along the turquoise-hued Arabian Gulf. The beach is adjacent to many Dubai beach hotels and exclusive clubs peppered with several access points to public Dubai beaches.

Sixty-two more miles of aurous Dubai beach have been added along the edges of the magnificent Palm Island, or Dubai Island, development. Dubai Island, or Jumeirah Palm Island, is one of the most amazing real-estate ventures in the world and is often called the 8th Wonder. Dubai Island is a series of three massive projects with Palm Island Jumeirah being the initial phase. Hotels, apartments, villas and many luxurious residences have been built in the first stage. Dubai Island is designed as its namesake, in the shape of a fringed palm, with outer lying islands established around it.

With so many attractions all around the city, Dubai travel is some of the most engaging in the Middle East. Wild Wadi Waterpark, shopping at the Gold Souk, exciting UAE tours and safaris and Dubai golf are only a small handful of the many exciting things to do. Dubai features so many fantastic world class amenities it’s no surprise hundreds of thousands of foreigners live and travel in the extraordinary emirate. As tourism grows, infrastructure increases and with so many industrious projects already developed, you can be sure Dubai will continue wowing crowds, building big and perpetually expanding into a leading holiday destination.

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