Dubai Desert Safari

Heading out into the sweeping, arid desert for a Dubai desert safari tour is one of the most exciting things to do in the UAE. A complete contrast from city life, away from the bustling shopping malls, busy beaches and frenzied hotel areas, a Dubai safari is definitely the best way to truly feel the Arabian spirit. The real adventure starts as the Dubai safari heads into the desert landscape to explore the unique environment of Arabia.

When choosing a desert safari in Dubai, you should first decide what time of day you want to go. A Dubai desert safari tour runs tours in the morning, the afternoon and also overnight. Morning adventures usually begin around 9:00am. Guests are picked up from their Dubai hotels and begin the Dubai desert safari. The adventure begins with sand skiing and dune bashing. Dune bashing can be described as “what skateboarding is to Venice Beach.” It’s a hair-raising thrill ride as 4X4 jeeps speed over miles of massive sand dunes on a ride of a lifetime. Most of the drivers will crank up the music, let some air out of the tires and let loose on a mad, desert adventure! If you’re the squeamish type, you may want to skip the safari and try a game of Dubai golf, or relax at one of the exceptional Dubai spas.

Though each desert safari in Dubai differs somewhat, most offer similar itineraries to remain competitive since it is one of the biggest attractions. During a Dubai safari there will be plenty of interesting things to do. Henna painting, fun camel rides, camel races and sand boarding fills the time off between driving during these UAE tours. About 45 minutes of any Dubai desert safari tour is spent driving to a common meeting point where other UAE tours and individuals all gather. Tire pressure is paramount for the best performance and drivers will have already checked their tire pressure before the actual Dubai safari proceeds.

The really wild fun begins once you start heading deeper into the desert. The professional drivers take pride in their skills and will race up sand dunes, climb dune mountains, and hit angles that feel as if you’re going to flip over. This boisterous and seemingly chaotic ride-of-a-lifetime lasts for about an hour and half. The drivers will then navigate their way to a prime spot in the desert to savor a breathtaking Arabian sunset. After the wild ride, the colorful sunsets are often the most talked about aspect of every Dubai desert safari.

After the sunset the group is driven to the central camp found in the heart of the desert. This is where everyone relaxes, unwinds and shares their experiences. Tables and chairs are set up underneath Bedouin-style tents adding an even more authentic feel to the excursion. The tour leaders then begin the desert barbeque. This should always be included in the price. While the aromatic barbeque is cooking, some of the tour operators take people dune bashing or on camel rides to fill the time. Alcohol is available but it costs extra to enjoy drinks. Once the barbeque is ready, the real treat is the belly dancers that take center stage and present a traditional and exotic show for the guests.

There are literally hundreds of companies that offer the chance to experience a desert safari in Dubai. If you’ve decided that you’re going to go ahead with booking, make sure you look closely at exactly what the Dubai desert safari offers in relation to the cost of the tour. If you’re visiting between the second week of September and the second week of October, not only should you be prepared to deal with many places closing, but you should also note that if you’re taking a Dubai desert safari tour, neither alcohol nor belly dancing will be available.

Before you head out for a Dubai safari, make sure you pack light, leave on a somewhat empty stomach and wear sandals instead of shoes. You’ll also want to ask about the driver’s history. The better the driver, the better your safari experience will be. There is an option to enjoy a Dubai safari that offers a night under the stars. Everything you’ll need is included in the price. If you’ve always wanted to spend the night stargazing in the desert, this can be a really incredible experience. No matter which option you choose, make this one-of-a-kind opportunity doesn’t slip past you when you’re enjoying Dubai holidays.

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