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With so many exciting attractions throughout Dubai, it’s no wonder people are flocking to the emirate in droves. To accommodate the influx there are more hotels in Dubai springing up every day. Dubai hotels range from minimalist boutique hotels to charming bed and breakfasts to ultramodern hotels and resorts Dubai visitors are returning to year after year. Jumeirah Beach is the most popular area for Dubai hotels where the best stretch of sand, warm ocean water and perpetual sunshine create the best conditions for beach holidays. Away from the beach there are several other excellent areas featuring world class hotels in Dubai.

Situated on the western side of Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai hotels offer a chance to stay in one of the most historic and vibrant areas. The Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa is centrally situated in Bur Dubai beside the Dubai Museum and within walking distance to Dubai beaches along the creek, the Meena Bazaar for excellent shopping and the Bastakiya Heritage Area. The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai World Trade Center and airport are all only a short drive. Almost 200 suites provide hotel accommodation Dubai visitors can savor and relax in. The luxurious Arabian theme plus a number of excellent services, amenities, entertainment and dining options ensure guests have a wealth of choices during Dubai vacations. Completing the package is a soothing Wellness Spa, modern gym, large sauna and conference center.

One of the most aspiring and exciting plans for hotel accommodation Dubai visitors can’t wait to see is the underwater hotel. With so many luxury hotels and resorts Dubai has, each boasting the finest of services, amenities and luxurious surroundings, the Dubai underwater hotel promises to be one of the most exceptional. The Dubai underwater hotel, named Hydropolis, is yet another addition to the many innovative designs like the Palm Islands and The World. The Hydropolis will be the first underwater luxury hotel accommodation Dubai and the rest of the world will have a chance to experience.

Hydropolis will be fully developed under water and will feature a land station and tunnel connecting to the hotel, more than 200 suites, a variety of restaurants, numerous entertainment venues and a super-modern cinema. Costing more than 500 million to develop, the Dubai underwater hotel will house a bio-lab research facility, a cosmetic surgery clinic and conference facilities distributed throughout the upper level of the land station. With the first of underwater hotels and resorts Dubai will likely follow up with yet another incredible feat, whether it’s more man made islands like Palm Jumeirah or some other cutting edge architectural design.

When choosing between hotels and resorts Dubai visitors who do want to stay on Jumeirah Beach should consider the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah. With a consistently exceptional reputation and upscale facilities, services and amenities, it’s an ideal choice for beach holidays in Dubai. Only three kilometers from the main Dubai golf course and a half hour from the heart of the city, the location is great. Exotic gardens, exceptional watersport facilities, myriad bars and lounges and delectable onsite restaurants are only a few benefits of choosing the Hilton over other hotels in Dubai. This Dubai resort"s spa features six tranquil treatment rooms, a relaxing steam room and a sauna. The outdoor pool or the private beaches are both terrific for enjoying the sunny weather and warm ocean.

Dubai beach hotels aren’t the only celebrated hotel accommodation Dubai visitors’ frequent. Renowned areas like Bur Dubai, Deira and Old Dubai in Bastakiya district also feature many excellent Dubai hotels. When looking for hotel accommodation Dubai visitors should first distinguish which area they prefer, and then begin the hunt for ideal hotels in Dubai near interesting attractions. With so many price ranges, suite sizes and range of amenities, there’s something ideal for everyone in Dubai.

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