Ski Dubai

Who would have ever thought that you could go skiing in the dessert? And not sand-dune skiing either, but real, snow-covered-hills skiing! Dubai is becoming more and more known for making the seemingly impossible, possible and swapping the ordinary for extraordinary! Ski Dubai is the name of the indoor ski dome built into the side of the Mall of the Emirates. The Dubai ski area is one of the biggest attractions for all ages and also one of the most exciting things to do in Dubai, if you can ski! The Dubai indoor ski resort is the first of its kind in the Middle East. The Dubai Ski area provides a chance to snowboard , ski, toboggan or simply play inside the snow-covered dome.

From the front of the Mall of the Emirates, visitors will see one of the most renowned Dubai luxury hotels, The Kempinski Hotel, to the left and the Dubai Ski dome directly behind it, jutting out at the top like a massive, white tubular anomaly. The Kempinski Dubai Hotels guests receive discounts on Dubai skiing when they stay a minimum of two nights. The hotel is one of the most popular, not only for its exceptional design, services and amenities, but also because its part of one of the most exciting UAE resorts in the country.

One of the most common questions asked about visiting the Dubai ski resort is “how cold it is inside?” Who packs winter gear for holidays in the UAE? At the Dubai indoor ski resort staff maintain temperatures of 30.2 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and when the snow is made at night temperature’s drop to 21.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Not to worry, you won’t have to wear your summer clothing on the slopes. The Dubai Ski resort equips guests with all the necessary gear, including winter clothing, snowboards and skis.

Another common question pertains to the level of difficulty with Dubai skiing. Ski Dubai offers a choice of five separate runs which all vary in steepness, height and difficulty, providing all levels with a challenge. The longest run at the Dubai ski area is more than 1300 feet long and almost 200 feet steep. At the end of the run just jump back on the quad chair and head right back up. For those choosing snowboarding over Dubai skiing, there’s a 300-foot quarter pipe to practice tricks. For visitors who aren’t interested in taking to the hills, the Dubai Ski park also features the Snow Park, comprising more than 30,000 square feet of snow-covered fun.

Aside from the Dubai Ski hills, the resort provides a number of other convenient amenities. Professional instructors, change rooms and lockers, a children’s party room, the Snow Pro retail shop and two cafes are also located in the Dubai Ski resort. If you prefer to avoid dining at Ski Dubai, there are a number of other options inside the Kempinski Hotel and also throughout the mall. By visiting the mall, you have a great excuse for doing a little shopping as well.

The Dubai Ski area gets particularly busy on Fridays so head out early if you can. There are no beginner hills so be careful, as more adept skiers often race down at mock speeds. Heading out early also gives you time to enjoy the entire complex. If you head out to the Dubai indoor ski resort in the morning, you can enjoy the complete antithesis to your morning with a leisurely dip at Jumeirah Beach in the afternoon!

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