Fujairah UAE

Fujairah UAE stands out from the surrounding desert landscape and arid plains, rising like the mountainous meridian it is. Though it’s the only one of all the emirates that isn’t blessed with a Persian Gulf coastline, the area careens along the Gulf of Oman offering a expansive and picturesque coast. Water sports rule in Fujairah, making the youngest emirate a leader in successful UAE resorts. Other ocean related attractions include fishing, cruises, leisure boating, diving, snorkeling and many other water-based activities. The combination of things to do seaside coupled with the many historic, charm-laden villages and towns create many great reasons for Fujairah travel.

Destinations characterized by sea and mountains are preferred by many and Fujairah deals a good hand for attracting those on vacations in the UAE. Defined by the rocky Hajar Mountains, many of the area’s longtime residents live throughout the coastal plains near the mountainous region. There is a great choice in Fujairah beach hotels to choose from along the Gulf of Oman. Fujairah resorts include the upscale and contemporary Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, the sleek and modern Hilton Fujairah Resort and the sweeping and prestigious Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa. Most Fujairah resorts offer world class services, upscale dining, affluent accommodations, complimentary airport transportation and fantastic nightlife.

Immaculately landscaped with vibrant and exotic plants, the Sandy Beach Hotel is an excellent choice in Fujairah beach hotels. Tucked into a natural bay and flanked by a golden stretch of sand on the Indian Ocean, Sandy Beach lies on the outskirts of town in a tranquil and breathtaking setting. This Fujairah beach hotels accommodations range from private chalets and bungalows, great for families, to single and two bedroom suites. The restaurant and bar, diving center, water sports facilities, private beach and many UAE tours makes it an ideal place to stop and enjoy extensive Fujairah travel.

The pristine beauty throughout Fujairah is the main draw for most tourists. Breathtaking beaches greet rugged mountains creating an unspoiled backdrop and excellent mix of ocean and fertile land. Fascinating Arabian castles edging on towering palms by the sea can be explored in their entirety during Fujairah travel. Fujairah travel could include a trip to the nearby and impressive Al Ain Mall or the historic Fujairah Fort. The Fujairah Museum is also an interesting stop during UAE holidays. Brimming with ancient artifacts dating back almost 5,000 years ago visitors can also examine brightly decorated pottery, age-old weapons and many intricate soapstone carvings.

When visiting Fujairah UAE, be sure to take a trip to the Hajar Mountains to see the lovely freshwater springs. They provide well-needed nourishment for the great network of area orchards. Nearby visitors will find an extravagant market operating every Friday. Shopping at the market, or souk as it’s known in the UAE, is an exciting experience with goods ranging from elaborate carpets to beautiful pottery to fresh vegetables. The market offers an intriguing and educational look into the colorful local culture. The megalithic, cross-shaped tomb of Al Bithna, dating back thousands of years, is another must-see during Fujairah travel.

The Fujairah UAE area wadis are streams that flow during the rainy periods, adding to the natural beauty of the region. Wadi Al Wurayah and Wadi Ham are the area’s two most prominent. Said to cure rheumatism, arthritis and back pain, a dip in the Ain Al Ghamour or the An Madhad spring water is natural therapy at its finest. From bustling seaside Fujairah resorts, to charming old villages and vivacious markets, there are plenty of varied activities for all ages to enjoy in Fujairah. Escape the hectic pace of Dubai and retreat to a relaxing and rejuvenating pace where the sea breeze blows gently and miles of soft sand beckons.

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