Dubai Holidays

For the majority of people taking holidays to the UAE, Dubai is the most attractive destination of all the emirates. Dubai holidays are popular for many reasons but summing it all up, the combination of year-round glorious weather and the sheer number of things to do appeals to so many different people raising the bar for exciting holiday destinations. Without a doubt, shopping remains the biggest magnet for holiday makers and is some of the best in the world. Shopping holidays in Dubai are very popular. With so many incredible malls, like the massive Mall of the Emirates, and hundreds of local souks selling every item imaginable, you can find just about anything you’re looking for with the bonus of tax-free price tags attached.

Package holidays to Dubai can offer excellent value if you’re planning on staying at a beach resort. There are many exceptional Dubai resorts to choose from when planning UAE holidays. Most of the package holidays to Dubai are similar to all-inclusive trips to popular sun destinations like Mexico, Bahamas and Jamaica. Accommodation, along with some or all meals, drinks and airport transportation can all be included in the total price. Side trips and extras, like UAE tours, are usually paid for separately. These types of Dubai holidays are especially great for those who really want to kick back and relax, soak up the sun, enjoy Dubai beaches and get out for an excursion or two.

Beach holidays in Dubai will eventually include a number of resorts situated throughout the Palm Islands where hundreds of feet of beautiful coastline are being added to the area. The promise of magnificent beach hotels and resorts on Palm Deira, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali will add an even more alluring element to Dubai. Package holidays offer an unencumbered way to enjoy Dubai, without having to make any reservations, worry about arranging tours or finding your way around. Most resorts also offer complimentary shuttles to popular destinations around Dubai, making getting around a cinch.

For younger generations, Dubai holidays often focus on the club scene. With so many young graduates flooding into Dubai over the years, the club scene has grown astonishingly. Nightlife reigns at many of the popular, cutting-edge clubs where the best DJ’s play a wide variety of music topping the charts. From incredible, sleek designs to an array of delicious food to the most packed dance floors and chi crowds, clubbing is taking on a whole new meaning for those on holidays in Dubai. Yet, clubbing is not the only form of entertainment available. There are great jazz clubs, piano lounges and other laid back bars and pubs offering a less frenzied, yet equally fun option for going out. Abu Dhabi is another great place for Emirates holidays focusing on nightlife. Much like Dubai, Emirates holidays in Abu Dhabi offer a wealth of choices for days and nights.

For visitors who are happiest being more active in the daylight hours during UAE holidays, there are many exciting things to do both in and around Dubai and throughout the other Emirates. The desert acts as a massive playground offering plenty of possibilities for active pursuits. Desert safaris are extremely favored excursions. Exploring streams and dry wadis, sand skiing, sand boarding, dune driving and desert feasts under the stars are all ways to explore the area in a very gratifying way during UAE holidays.

For a less arid experience, hit the Gulf and relish in abundant water sports.Water-skiing gear and boats are both readily available for rent in Dubai and also in Fujairah, Ajman and other coastal Emirates. Snorkeling, and especially scuba diving around Dubai, are leading water-based activities during Emirates holidays providing hours of entertainment for all ages. Windsurfing, sailing and swimming are more possibilities for sticking near the water. A look into fascinating UAE history is possible by exploring Dubai neighborhoods, taking a tour of Bedouin villages, and exploring some of the most beautiful mosques and the best museums. It’s evident that all Emirates holidays are anything but insipid. Not only are there profuse opportunities but they are so incredibly diverse that everyone will find something they can revel in.

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