Jumeirah Mosque

The most impressive views of Jumeirah Mosque are those you get when you first approach the austere yet beautiful building. The first glance is the most affecting. The strong expression of Islamic architecture conveyed through the mosque’s design leans toward a modern style of Islam blueprints. Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is also characterized by a traditional pattern incorporated into the building known as the Fatimid heritage. It’s one of the largest of all mosques in Dubai making it one of the biggest and most photographed of all city attractions. It’s also near famous Jumeirah Beach close to many Dubai resorts.

Fridays remain the most important day for Islamic prayer thus the absence of any organized tours.

It is considered the most holy and important day of the week. Fridays are also known as yaum al jum’a’ when all Muslim men are required to meet at the mosque to participate in the Friday rituals together. Women observe the holy day inside their homes. Masjid is the Arabic word meaning mosque, essentially a place of prayer.

Inside the mosque Muslims pray toward the Quibla wall inside Jumeirah Mosque Dubai. This wall always faces toward Mecca and is always the direction Muslims pray. The holiest location inside the mosque lies in the center of the prayer wall or Quibla and is called the Mihrab. This spot indicates which direction Mecca lies instructing the exact direction to pray toward. The third most important facet of Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is the Minbar. The Minbar sits on the right of the Mihrab. It is where the prayer leader, or imam, pronounces the holy Friday sermon. The Friday sermon touches on political, social and religious topics and is known as the khutba.

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is the only city mosque that accepts non-Muslim visitors and only through organized Jumeirah Mosque tours. The only way for visitors to tour the mosque is to join one of the Jumeirah Mosque tours led by the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. The organization’s goals are directed at nurturing cultural awareness through direct experiences and promoting first-hand insight into Islam through their UAE tours. Both history and religion are touched upon and professional guides can answer any questions about Jumeirah Mosque. Jumeirah Mosque tours operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10am only. The not-for-profit organization gathers with visitors outside the mosque and leads a thorough tour throughout.

There are some general rules which must be followed in order to participate in Jumeirah Mosque tours. Before entering Jumeirah Mosque Dubai visitors that are female must be covered up with long sleeves, long skirts or pants and a hat or scarf as a head covering. Men should also follow similar rules and wear long sleeves and long pants. Prior to entry into Jumeirah Mosque, visitors must also remove their shoes. There is plenty of good information displayed about Islam at the back of the mosque. Plan on arriving a little earlier than the tour to go over the information. This can help to better you understanding of Islam, thus making your tour more comprehensive.

At the Jumeirah Mosque Dubai tours last about an hour and a half. There are many attractions and things to do in the area afterwards. There are many area souks for great shopping opportunities. After a morning tour many hit the Dubai beaches for an afternoon of sea and surf. Traditional Dhow cruises, the Dubai Zoo and Wild Wadi Waterpark are more popular attractions to visit after Jumeirah Mosque. Unlike many other mosques, photography is permitted inside. Take plenty of film to capture the breathtaking allure of the inside and outside of this revered and respected cultural landmark.

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