Palm Deira

There’s something impressive to be appreciated about the last stages of a long-term goal. It seems that as the end approaches, the knowledge and experienced gained throughout the project help to create an ideal finale. Palm Deira follows that theory closely. When the Palm Islands of Dubai were first planned, it wasn’t a succession of three, but only one island, Palm Jumeirah. It must have been the excitement and the need to push for more that birthed the idea of creating a second, equally incredible island, called Palm Jebel Ali. Both of these Palm Islands in Dubai were matched in size and stature, with many of the same near-future plans for blanketing them with the most luxurious hotels and residences. Then came Deira Palm Island. Only this time, the old adage “bigger is better” was definitely applied.

The Deira UAE plan incorporated not seventeen of the palm fronds that both other islands have, but an incredible forty, each comprising the larger pattern that creates the date palm shape. Just the same as the other palms, Palm Deira comprises a large trunk, palm fronds, or leaves, and a massive crescent surrounding the entire island, acting as a breakwater. Covering more than eight kilometers in width and fourteen kilometers in length, the Deira Islands will total an incredible 861 million square feet. When Deira UAE is completed sometime around 2015, it will officially be the largest artificial island in the world.

Because the Deira UAE venture is still in initial stages of development, it’s possible that plans may have to be altered to adhere to the needs and requirements of such a monumental project. With so many massive building plans for the island, it promises to be the most incredible new tourist and residential area in the Middle East. Though official plans for what exactly will be built on Deira UAE haven’t been completely disclosed, a general blueprint for the entire island has been released.

Surrounding the trunk are the five Deira Islands that will act as an extension to the mainland Deira neighborhood in Dubai. There will be shops and boutiques, Dubai luxury hotels, a variety of businesses and other attractions built on the islands. In the center is the trunk, running to the base of the palm fronds. The fronds will be the main area for residential housing. Almost 10,000 town houses with dual stories are set to be built on the fronds. They’ll include Premier Villas, Vista Town Homes and Grand Villas. Shopping malls, dining establishments, clubs and other convenient facilities will be spread out around the Deira Islands.

The Deira Islands are built in the coastal area of Dubai near a mainland area, or Dubai neighborhood, known as Deira. The islands act as an extension of the Deira neighborhood which is located by the historic Dubai Creek. The sheer size of Deira UAE means it has to be built throughout seven separate phases. The first phase is the building of what’s called Deira Island. It will act as the main entryway to the main Deira Palm Islands of Dubai. The building of the entryway is also an effort to draw more tourists to the mainland area of Deira which many believe could use some revitalization.

Though there are several years to go before Deira Palm Island is complete, it still remains a major attraction in Dubai. With all of the new coastal islands boasting modern transportation systems, traveling back and forth from the mainland couldn’t be easier. Though there will definitely be a host of the best amenities on the Deira Palm Island, some trips off the island to visit Dubai’s many other famous attractions, like the Mall of the Emirates and Wild Wadi Waterpark, will still be enticing visitors. Rather than luring guests away from mainland Dubai, developers have given them even more reason to extend their holidays and spend more time exploring the many possibilities for fun, excitement and relaxation.

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