Palm Island Dubai

Palm Island Dubai is one of the most enterprising and ambitious ventures to ever have been imagined, let alone taken from an incredibly innovative idea right through to fruition. The Palm Island Resort is a series of three islands called Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira. They are also often referred to as The Eight Wonder of the World. Palm Deira is the largest in the Palm Island Resort and is anchored into the ocean floor just east of another incredible Dubai project, The World Islands. With the construction of the Palm Islands Dubai is a more sought-after tourist destination than ever before.

The entire purpose of the islands’ construction was to massively increase tourism to Dubai by providing a one-of-a-kind tourist destination brimming with contemporary world-class hotels, upscale services and amenities and hundreds of more miles of Dubai beaches all in a world unique to anything anyone has ever seen before. Initially, when the project was announced, the plan was to build Palm Jumeirah. Not long after the announcement Nakheel Properties, the sole property developer responsible for the massive land reclamation, announced a second island called Palm Jebel Ali.

When completely finished, The Palm Island Resort will be a combination of entertainment, residential and leisure areas throughout each island. The prestigious beachfront residences will enjoy their own secluded areas on each of the islands to enjoy the most exclusive and private lives in all of Dubai. Each Palm Island Dubai has is separated into three distinct parts. The trunk is the main gateway to the rest of the island. Each trunk will contain a variety of business ventures and private residences where applicable. From the trunk visitors and residents will be able to travel to the separate fronds, or palm leaves of each island.

The Palm Islands Dubai each consist of a man-made wharf, or breakwater, surrounding the outer edges. The crescent, as each is called, will house a number of Dubai luxury hotels, beachfront villas, fine dining establishments, sports facilities, marinas, water parks, shopping malls and Dubai spas. Palm Deira is the largest of all the islands and the last to be actualized. It has more than forty palm fronds and will contain the largest number of facilities, amenities, business and retail ventures. Palm Deira is set to be much like an additional city to the Dubai emirate. Being the last Palm Island Dubai developers planned, it is also the most grandiose of the three.

Also part of Palm Island Dubai is the highly exclusive pair of islands called the Logo Islands included in Palm Jumeirah. They are shaped identically as date palm leaves, contain more than four million cubic feet each and will be the personal islands of UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom. The Palm Island Resort has definitely raised eyebrows around the world. It has succeeded in becoming one of th biggest man-made attractions ever to grace the Earth and has many intrigued by its incredible makeup. Dubai has long been the most exciting destination in the UAE and now it’s stepped things up another few notches.

Over the last decade tourism has grown at an astonishing rate and expats flock to the emirate’s ever-growing economy and job boom. Though nearby emirates like Sharjah, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi are beginning to enjoy a highly increased level of tourism, Dubai still takes the cake for number of visitors. Each project in Dubai seems to outdo the last. From the hotel-dotted shores of Jumeirah Beach, to the Mall of the Emirates to Ski Dubai, and now to the latest and greatest the Palm Island Resort, one thing is for sure. With so many captivating attractions to enjoy and exciting things to do, it seems there might be little time to relax for the explorers at heart.

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