Palm Jumeirah

The original idea for the Palm Islands consisted of only one island to draw more tourists into the country. At first it seemed like an incredible feat, but as the plans developed, the project resembled more of a success and less of a fledgling blueprint. Though Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai is the smallest of all the artificial islands, it holds plenty of big-time appeal. Each island enjoys its own unique theme. Palm Jumeirah is featured as a residential living area, a relaxing retreat and also a leisure destination for UAE vacations. The entire island will entail three kinds of deluxe villas, boutique hotels with special themes and abundant coastline residences. With construction first started in 2001, Jumeirah Palm Island is well on its way to becoming another incredibly successful venture in Dubai.

At the central core of Jumeirah is the trunk, completing the entire palm-shaped marvel. The trunk is a dynamic, two-kilometer expanse brimming with living areas, retail facilities, tourist attractions and plenty of upscale amenities. The Gateway and the Monorail connect Palm Jumeirah to mainland Dubai where a wealth of other things to do await tourists. Luxurious residences, Dubai hotels, dining establishments and marinas are all located along the trunk of Jumeirah. Some of the most affluent Dubai luxury hotels to be featured along the trunk include the Trump International Hotel and Tower, The Fairmont Palm Hotel and Resort, and the elegant collection of boutiques and shops called The Golden Mile.

The majority of the Jumeirah Beach Resort area will be situated along the crescent area, or the island’s breakwater. The crescent totals eleven kilometers and acts as a wharf, or protective breakwater to the trunk and the fronds. This will be the main location for the planned world-class hotels that will be built throughout the area. The crescent will be home to the new Dubai beaches that will be added to Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali, totaling more than 120 kilometers of golden coastline. The five-star Jumeirah Al Fattan Palm Resort will be a prominent addition to the Jumeirah Beach Resort, occupying a large, distinguished area on the very tip of the crescent.

The Kempinski Hotel Emerald Palace will be another of the affluent, five-star Dubai luxury hotels on Palm Jumeirah. The property will encompass more than one million square feet of prime real estate built in the shape of an elegant, European-style palace with flairs of Arabian detail. The combined leisure and residential resort called The Kingdom of Sheba, a new addition to Dubai resorts and spas called The Taj, the ocean themed Atlantis and The Royal Amwaj are also part of the celebrated plans for Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai.

The fronds, or palm leaves, of Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai will maintain the main resident town homes and villas. Modern beachfront homes will be the feature in the resident area surrounded by breathtaking views and convenient access to the Monorail and the Sea Tunnel for transportation to the mainland. The Sea Tunnel is an extraordinary means of getting around Palm Jumeirah. It connects the crescent to the main part of the island.

With accessibility to the trunk of the palm, Jumeirah Beach Resort visitors will be able to enjoy even more excellent shopping and a wide choice in dining opportunities. The Sea Tunnel is an underwater route comprising six traffic lanes in total, three going in each direction. The clever public transport design ensures that all guests and residents will be able to travel around the island with ease, visiting attractions, shopping or simply taking a tour of what is sure to be one of the most magnificent man-made islands in the entire world.

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