Ras Al Khaimah UAE

As Dubai becomes more and more of a hot spot for tourists with prominent attractions such as shopping and dining luring in people from all over the world, the lesser known emirates are also picking up the pace in the tourism sector. Ras Al Khaimah UAE is sidelong with other, less popular emirates like Al Ain and Umm Al Quwain with future plans for rising tourism and flourishing economies. Since the emirates split from the UK many years ago, some of the smaller emirates experienced harder financial times and relied much on support from it’s bigger brothers.

These days, as flocks of people hit the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, more and more people are venturing to the smaller emirates to experience natural beauty and a relaxed holiday pace. Ras Al Khaimah tourism is expected to keep rising with new infrastructure natural appeal as a key components in attracting investment. Long, sandy expanses of sunny coastline and warm ocean temperatures lure tourists seeking vacations in the sun and away from hectic urban life. The Persian Gulf, once associated with a less-than-desirable connotation, now enjoys a new reputation as an emerging holiday hotspot.

Ras Al Khaimah resorts are beginning to pop up in the region flanked by sand, sun and sea. Blankets of exotic desert landscape, powerful natural surroundings, towering mountain summits and dry land dispersed with the beautiful lagoons many of the emirates are known for are much of the allure for Ras Al Khaimah tourism. With the promise of much more success in the coming years the ambitious strides taken by Ras Al Khaimah UAE are continuing down a path of sure accomplishment. Wedged between the Arabian Gulf and the Hajar Mountains, Ras Al Khaimah UAE shares a rugged borderline with neighboring Oman and is graced with a 40 kilometer shoreline defined by golden sand and emerging UAE resorts.

From a distance, the Khatt Springs Hotel and Spa, bordered by the Hajar Mountains, resembles a golden, glowing castle fit for royalty. Wellness is the name of the game as visitors seek out the therapeutic qualities of the adjacent thermal hot springs. Signature treatments such as Ayurvedic medicine, precious stone treatments and scentao hot stones afford some of the most relaxing holidays of all the Ras Al Khaimah resorts available. Outside of the spa there are a host of waterports and other activities to keep occupied and fulfilled.

Another of the prestigious Ras Al Khaimah resorts, resembling a haven in the desert with its massive, natural lagoon and seaside location, is the Al Hamra Fort Hotel & Beach Resort. Main palace suites, villa rooms, standard and junior suites offer a well-rounded choice in accommodation. Desert hues, Oriental decor and an exotic ambiance are paired with plenty of leisure activities and sports like UAE golf, an exciting water park, a shooting and flying club and excellent diving facilities for an all-encompassing retreat.

Ras Al Khaimah tourism has a lot to offer beyond the sandy shorelines as well. Numerous UAE tours can be arranged including city tours, mountain excursions, desert safaris and a visit to the camel races. Dhow cruises along Oman’s peninsula, shopping in colorful souks and modern malls and upscale dining are also possible. Transportation is a breeze with myriad tour operators, hotel shuttles and taxis operating each day. For exciting nightlife Ras Al Khaimah resorts are the best bets with plenty of entertainment like exotic belly dancers and musical performers taking the stage each night. For those who desire getting off the beaten path and being part of the first waves of true exploration for little-known destinations, Ras Al Khaimah is the place to go.

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