Sharjah UAE

Sharjah tourism flourishes rampantly with more than a quarter of a million visitors arriving each year. Situated alongside the most popular emirate, Dubai, Sharjah has long been active in strengthening its own economy. It’s rich heritage and culture has enticed people into the area for many years. Sharjah UAE is believed to have the most vibrant history of all the seven emirates. As the only one of the emirates owning dry land on the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, Sharjah UAE enjoyed an important role as an active trading port. Infused with a modern transportation system of sea, road and air routes, many expats working in Dubai prefer living in Sharjah.

Sharjah tourism enjoys matchless success due to it’s ever-growing number of attractions. Some of the most intriguing architecture is found throughout Sharjah UAE and the many museums reveal a colorful past full of many Middle Eastern traditions and customs. Two of the most important museums to visit during Sharjah vacations include the Islamic Museum and the Sharjah Museum. The Islamic Museum is one of the top Sharjah attractions and includes a thorough outline on Islamic ancestry. Old scientific equipment, beautiful pottery, ancient Arabic manuscripts and several other items are on display. Another of the top Sharjah attractions, and a must-see, is the local Sharjah Museum. A personal collection of historic documents, paintings and maps are on display, all belonging to the present ruler of the emirate. They are considered to be very rare and special.

Other popular Sharjah attractions include the Arabian Wildlife Center, the Sharjah Archaeology Museum and the Central Market, also known as the Blue Souk. Visiting the Blue Souk is one of the most exciting things to experience during Sharjah tourism. Some of the best dining at food stalls is available as well as thousands of goods like antiques, carpets, housewares, clothing, jewelry and curios. It is one market not to be missed during your UAE holidays. When enjoying Sharjah vacations make sure to head to the Art Museum, the largest of its kind in the Gulf.

Living in Sharjah has plenty of appeal. The emirate is graced with excellent international schools, shopping centers, myriad parks and many office buildings. It’s a prominent business hub with a continuously rising population and a cost and standard of living resembling that of the West. An intriguing combination of contemporary buildings and old mosques and markets create a very unique atmosphere for visitors and residents.

Living in Sharjah means enjoying the many luxuries and amenities offered with the added benefit of cosmopolitan Dubai only eight kilometers away. Accommodation is readily available, from studio apartments to multi bedroom homes, medical services are excellent and a large western population means plenty of social activities for families. Though Sharjah is a more conservative society, more affordable rent prices and less hectic traffic are also extra benefits to living in Sharjah rather than Dubai.

Sharjah hotels can be found all over the area near many excellent attractions and in peaceful neighborhoods. A vast array of dining opportunities are available during Sharjah vacations. A wide variety of American and Chinese, Turkish, Iranian and Indian food along with many other types are all easy to find. Cafes and fast food are spread out all over the region and delis and coffee shops serving tea, coffee, juices, soups, sandwiches and pastries are common. Expatriates living in Sharjah tend to gravitate toward western delicacies but become quickly accustomed to the many delicious varieties of Middle Eastern cuisine.

You can find almost anything you look for during Sharjah tourism. The exceptional ways in which the tourist industry caters to expat residents and visitors ensure that everyone has a fulfilling and exciting holiday or extended stay. The kind and gracious nature of UAE locals adds a certain convivial element to every getaway. The exotic atmosphere mixed with all the comforts of home creates a memorable impression of one of the most favored emirates of all.

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