Dubai Shopping

Shopping in Dubai is the number one attraction. It surpasses everything else, from exciting UAE tours to the hundreds of attractions throughout the emirate. There is nothing more popular than Dubai shopping. It is one of the best things to do if you’re looking for trinkets, treasures, brand names or luxurious imports. Though the modern Dubai shopping mall has taken over, at one time in UAE history it was the local souks, or markets, that were the main source for shopping.

Clothing, textiles, spices, produce, building materials; you name it and you could find it somewhere in the massive network of stalls and shops. The last decade has seen an incredible amount of expansion in Dubai and along with that the UAE currency is stable, the Dubai Shopping Festival was inaugurated and millions of people now enjoy Dubai shopping trips each year.

It’s always wise to check conversion rates before traveling to another country. Often travelers choose destinations driven by the strength of their dollar, seeking maximum value. You have to carefully consider prices before evaluating the situation. For instance, AED currency is roughly three and half Dirhams to the US dollar. That sounds great, but then you have to consider the costs of dining, Dubai hotels, transportation and shopping in Dubai. If it’s three to one, the prices often reflect that as well, which really brings you back to a fairly equivalent cost of living. When you’re out at a Dubai shopping mall, always carefully check price tags and do a rough conversion in your head to make sure you’re spending wisely.

The largest Dubai shopping mall is undoubtedly the amazing Mall of the Emirates. It’s connected to both the prestigious Kempinski Hotel and well-known Ski Dubai. This leisure complex gets incredibly busy during the Dubai Shopping Festival between January and February. The month-long festival normally begins toward the end of January. It’s one of the most exciting times of year for shopping in Dubai. The history of the festival dates back to 1996, when it first began and is now one of the top shopping events in the world, attended by millions.

A very exciting element of the festival are all the raffles Dubai holds for gold bars, luxury cars and even free medical treatment for visitors should they need it! Flights to UAE are discounted during this time and most airlines offer excess baggage allowance for all the extra goods. There are evening fireworks, street performances, film festivals, kid’s events and other cultural celebrations, truly making it one of the best times to travel to Dubai. More than 2,500 retailers sell everything under the sun, including perfume, cars, electronics, gold, haute couture, textiles and carpets. A large variety of Dubai hotels and property rentals are also include in the Dubai shopping festival. Even the highly acclaimed Burj Al Arab offers discounts on accommodation.

There are literally malls scattered all over Dubai. Dubai shopping is most popular at the Deira City Center by the creek, The Mercato Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road, Wafi Shopping Mall, Al Bustan Centre, The Oasis Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road and The Hamarain Centre adjacent to the J.W. Marriott Hotel. There are many great bargains at all of the outlets and malls that can stretch your AED currency and get you the most bang for your UAE buck. While the malls are a true testament for serious shoppers, don’t forget to visit the local souks for even more great treasures.

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