Dubai World Islands

Dubai World Islands is one of the most incredible projects in Dubai to date. From the air it looks as if a mini was born, a replica of the real thing on a much smaller scale of course! Islands of the world, all arranged to create the semblance of our real world, including all the continents. The World Islands Dubai was an inspiring vision-cum-reality by the same company that created the amazing Palm Deira, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali comprising the Palm Islands. Possibly some of the most celebrated real estate in the world, these man-made attractions have not only created more prime space for residences, business ventures and tourists areas, they’ve also added incredible value to Dubai’s economy.

Beyond the look of the World Islands, one of the most fascinating aspects of the entire design is how it was actually built into the ocean. Using gigantic machinery, massive amounts of sand were pumped from the sea floor and deposited into huge piles in the appropriate places. The sand is then mixed with fertile soil, creating a stable base, so it doesn’t wash back into the sea. A ton of vegetation was then added into the mix. As the vegetation takes root, not only does it evoke a more natural look to The World in Dubai but it also creates even more of a reliable foundation. At the end of the process the foundations of the coming infrastructure are laid.

The result is astonishing, not only because of the mirror image of the continents comprising the world, but also because of the scale of the Dubai World Islands project. The World Islands embody 250 to 300 artificial islands that are broken into four separate categories including Dubai resorts, large estates, private homes and many ‘community islands.’ Each of the Islands of the World is estimated to be between 250,000 through 900,000 square feet with 164 to 328 feet of ocean water separating each island from the next. The World in Dubai will complete a scale of six kilometers wide by nine kilometers long with the only transportation to it being water taxis and air transport. Surrounding the entire group of World Islands will be a distinguishable wharf in the shape of an oval.

Only four kilometers off the shores of Jumeirah Beach, visitors and residents of The World in Dubai can enjoy captivating evening views of the Burj Al Arab and glimmering city lights. Each of the islands is set to be sold to select developers and are estimated to range from US $10 million through to US $45 million. To achieve the original vision of the World Islands Dubai developers will follow seven guiding principles. The seven principals are Bespoke, Grand, Rare, Visceral, Intelligent, magical and Legacy. The ‘terraforming’ used in the development of the Islands of the World means once purchased, private developers can shape their own dreams into reality by adding defining Dubai beaches, marinas, coves, harbors and other features to create a completely unique design.

The World Islands Dubai is a project that is being developed around the clock. With major construction started in 2003, it’s anticipated that The World Islands Dubai development will be completed in 2008 after which each of the individually purchased World Islands will be handed over to their new owners. With a series of lakes, canals and other waterways incorporated into the design, the Dubai World Islands will retain a magnificently natural feel despite being 100% man-made. Once completed it will be yet another emerging hub in Dubai where dining, shopping and a wealth of new attractions will entice visitors to spend their vacations in newest and most exciting area of the UAE.

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