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In each of the independent states UAE tourist attractions are bountiful. As the region is explored in more depth, there are more and more detailed accounts of interesting things to do in UAE. For now there is plenty of opportunity for a UAE tourist to travel around the country, stay at great UAE resorts and hotels, enjoy a variety of worldly cuisine and the best UAE tours available. For those who prefer a detailed look into the region’s history and people, employing a UAE tourist guide is a great idea. They can be found at affordable prices and offer a wealth of insight into the UAE and the major changes that have taken place over the last decade.

The most exciting of all UAE tours is the desert safari. The combination of the intriguing desert landscape and the wild ‘dune bashing’ ride a UAE tourist can revel in is one of the top attractions. Dubai tours cover this choice as do tours in other emirates like Abu Dhabi. The desert safari tour is not only one of the leading UAE tourist attractions because of the excitement factor, but also because it offers a glimpse into the Bedouin lifestyle, a nomadic desert culture. As Bedouin tribes slowly integrate themselves into larger Middle Eastern cities, they leave behind a way of life fascinating to the UAE tourist.

Camel rides are also popular UAE tours enjoyed by all ages. Dubai tours often take groups out to the desert to ride a carpet of undulating sand dunes. They’re a great alternative for those not keen on a wild ride through the desert. A camel ride is a completely relaxing way to enjoy the sweeping scenery, try some traditional barbeque, and listen to desert stories told by tour UAE tourist guide. With heady Arabian music playing by the bonfire as you dine on a delicious meal, you’ll be able to witness the true beauty of the Arabian night sky. For both the desert safari and the camel ride UAE tours, there’s an option to spend a night in the desert in a traditional Bedouin-style camp, taking in the starlit sky much like a Bedouin tribe would.

The Dubai Creek is an area full of history and attracts the UAE tourist for its great views. UAE tours of the Creek, along the Waterfront, can be enjoyed by water taxi for a journey up the Creek and then back again. There are exceptional views of Dubai on either side of the waterway full of vaulting skyscrapers and other architectural marvels like the Burj Tower. Another of the popular Dubai tours includes a visit to Jumeirah Mosque. The mosque is considered the most beautiful example of Islamic architecture in the city. Your UAE tourist guide will give a thorough tour and explanation of the history of the mosque and how things operate inside. From the mosque there are two more great UAE tourist attractions nearby. One is the Dubai Zoo on Jumeirah Beach Road and the other is Wild Wadi Waterpark located next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

There are numerous other fascinating UAE tours to consider taking during your holidays. Dubai tours include a thorough tour of the city, an outing to neighboring Sharjah and Ajman, helicopter tours of Dubai and thrilling hot air balloon rides over the region. East Coast tours of oasis towns and the Hajar mountains are a terrific way to explore a 14th century fort, ancient towns and a traditional Arabian souk. Adventure tours offer trips through the arid desert and then into the mountains for a contrast unlike any other.

A visit to the two century-old Hatta Town is another popular UAE tourist choice. This UAE tourist attractions great for exploring surrounding geography like dry river beds, wet wadis and small mountain villages. Whether you want to relax and take it easy or savor a heart-pumping ride there are UAE tours designed for every interest. From the bustling city to the dry desert to cool mountain summits, UAE is a destination offering 360 degrees of fascinating attractions.

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