Canada, size-wise, is the second-largest nation in the world, boasting over 6.1 million sq. km (3.8 million sq. miles) of diverse beauty. With only 30 million people living in such a huge country, (10 million less than the state of California alone) Canada is an ideal place to stretch out and explore.

For those planning a vacation in Canada, you"ll be pleased to know that the Canada travel experience is as varied as the country is large. Don"t expect Canada travel to be just a colder version of traveling in the United States. Canada's mix of British, French and indigenous customs distinguish it from its southern neighbor. More recent immigrants to the country from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are seasoning Canada with a unique, multi-cultural flavor. The bilingual signs and products will remind you that Canada is a country where both French and English are the official languages. English is essentially spoken everywhere. French is primarily spoken in the province of Quebec. So English-speaking visitors need not be worried if they aren't fluent in French.

When planning your trip, you can take your pick of the many attractions in Canada. If you have a lot of time, you can start on one coast and make your way to the other, taking in all of the fascinating sites that Canada travel has to offer. Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories, each unique in culture and geography. In the far west, British Columbia is nestled between the spectacular Pacific Coast and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Alberta's wide-open plains with mountain scenery give it a modern cowboy feel. Perhaps for your vacation in Canada you'd like to experience the rural life of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, smack dab in the middle of the country. The capitol of Canada, Ottawa, can be found in the province of Ontario, one of the most diverse provinces. Don't miss the history and culture of French-speaking Quebec, one of the major attractions in Canada. For more great scenery, take some time to relax in the charming fishing villages of Atlantic Coast Canada. One of the more daring Canada trips is an exploration of the wild Northwest Territories. In this vast, frozen frontier, there are still thousands of lakes yet unnamed and unchartered for you to discover.

Canada trips and tours are very easy to book either in advance or upon arrival in the country. Tourism Canada provides information booths in all major tourist locations to help you get around and to inspire your Canada trip. Travelers will find that any time is the best time for a vacation in Canada. With its vast variety of people, land, and activities, Canada has something for everyone.

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