Banff Hotels

The key to finding a spot in one of the Banff Alberta hotels is simple: book far in advance! With up to 50,000 people passing through the Canadian Rocky National Parks a day, and with strict growth regulations in the parks, hotel rooms are a challenge to find. This is especially true during the summer, when many of the hotels in Banff have 80-90% of their rooms booked for pre-booked tours. Don’t even think about trying to find a room in one of the landmark hotels in Banff without a reservation well in advance.

As you may have guessed, prices in Banff hotels are very high because of the great demand. During the high season hotels in Banff can pretty much name whatever price they want, knowing that rooms will fill up anyway. The difference between top-end and mid-range Banff hotels isn’t all that great, price wise, so if you’re going to splurge, you might as well go all the way.

A bit of good news for the thrifty and spontaneous—it is possible to find great Banff hotel deals with a little searching and a computer. Discount hotel websites often post discounted rooms in hotels where there was a last-minute cancellation. In some cases you can get up to 50% savings on a room, but you have to consider the possibility that there may be nothing available. If you don’t mind the risk, this can be a great way to find your way into one of the world-class Banff Alberta hotels.

To find more Banff hotel deals, another option is to visit the park during the off-season. Prices can be as low as half of what they are during peak times. During ski season hotels in Banff offer ski/ hotel packages that can be a good deal.

If you do plan to be in Banff during high season, camping is a great option for affordable accommodation. The park has dozens of campgrounds, many with good facilities like hot showers and fire pits. Camping in Banff can allow you the views and close proximity to Banff attractions without the big price tag. Another alternative to expensive Banff hotels are hostels. Hostelling International has a several hostels in the Canadian Rockies, open to people of all ages.

If you have the money and time in advance, book a room at the famous Chateau Lake Louise. This Chateau is the most famous of the Banff Alberta hotels, in an unparalleled location between snow-capped mountains and the shining green Lake Louise. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to stay at the Chateau Lake Louise, at least take a look around inside at the variety of shopping, dining and recreational options.

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