Abottsford BC

Abbotsford BC sits in the Fraser Valley of south central British Columbia only a couple miles north of the Washington State border. It is one of the far western suburbs of Vancouver, which is about 35 miles away. The Fraser Valley is formed by the Fraser River, the longest river in British Columbia, rising in the Canadian Rockies and flowing all the way to Vancouver. Because Abbotsford BC and the Fraser valley are blessed with the same pleasant coastal weather that Vancouver enjoys, you will find that Abbotsford travel offers a wide variety of experiences throughout the year.

Many of the things to do in Abbotsford occur on and along the Fraser River, which flows east to west only a few miles north of the city. There are great beaches along this stretch of the river from the town of Mission to the city of Surrey. There is also excellent river fishing here, especially for steelhead and Chinook salmon and stocked wild trout (note that all wild trout must be released). The river also provides great whitewater rafting. More water adventures and great beaches can be found on Cultus Lake, which is about fifteen miles to the southeast.

Although there are some excellent ski areas in the northern part of the province, Abbotsford travel will give you easy access to the majority of British Columbia skiing sites. These are clustered in large numbers from the Canadian Rockies in the far east all the way to the Coast Mountains around Vancouver in the west. They spread from around Whistler and Kamloops in the north to the great Cascades and Washington State in the south.

The Abbotsford Air Show held in August is one of the most important events in the province. It is a widely attended international aerial extravaganza and the largest air show in all of North America. At least 125,000 people come to watch the thrilling aerial acrobatics of aircraft from the CAF Snowbirds (Canada's national aerobatic team), the legendary United States Thunderbirds, and the Canadian Skyhawks (the national parachute team). The Abbotsford Air Show also welcomes scores of other cutting-edge military aircraft, vintage aeroplanes from museums across North America, and assorted barnstormers and daredevils. Over the years since its beginning in 1962, the Abbotsford Air Show has welcomed the British Airways Concorde, the Goodyear Blimp, aircraft from the former Soviet Union, and flying teams from Brazil, France, the Ukraine, and England.

Abbotsford, British Columbia hotels include charming bed and breakfasts, farms offering agri-tourism and home stays, and golf resorts. There are close to 50 courses within less than a one-hour drive (three local courses almost within the city), and golfing here occurs even in the winter months. You can ski one day and golf the next, and you can complement either day with a soak at the Harrison Hot Springs.

The Abbotsford International Airport is a fast-growing facility with flights to and from Nanaimo, Victoria, and Calgary. There are even seasonal flights to Puerto Vallarta and Cancun in Mexico. Abbotsford travel can also be done easily by car rentals from Vancouver or rented locally. This gives you the flexibility to explore the area independently at your own pace. You can set off for a day of visiting the wineries of the Okanagan Valley or head to Vancouver for a day visiting museums or whale watching along the coast. Drive yourself to nearby camping sites or to trail heads for a day of hiking along the river.

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