Chilcotin is a region in British Columbia that you will want to keep in mind when getting away from it all is the aim. The region is found between the lofty Coast Mountains and the province's Central Interior area. Highway 20 is the main road through the region, and it links the towns of Bella Coola out towards the coast with the interior city of Williams Lake. Much of the terrain is characterized by the Chilcotin Plateau, which is predominantly a land of grasslands and dry canyons. The Chilcotin River is largely responsible for shaping the region's landscape, and it also provides some thrilling recreational activities, the likes of which include white water rafting.

Chilcotin Country, which is often viewed as an extension of the interior-bound Cariboo Country, maintains a Wild West appeal. Little has changed in the past 100 years, and while towns and villages dot the area, it is very easy to escape all signs of mankind. Lovely alpine meadows mix with rolling prairies in this part of the country, and you can venture into arid canyons or dense forests if you so desire. As for the people that inhabit the region, a cowboy kind of lifestyle reigns supreme with many of the backcountry folks. You will also find native First Nations communities populating the area, especially in larger communities such as Alexis Creek and Hanceville.

Alexis Creek, it should be noted, serves as the main service center for the Chilcotin region's eastern reaches. On the western side, the community of Anahim Lake is the largest, and it can make a great hiking or horseback riding base. Both of these communities can be found along Highway 20. Most of the lodging in Cariboo-Chilcotin can also be found along Highway 20, also known as the Bella Coola Highway. As is true of other communities along Highway 20, they are good places to look for lodging in Cariboo-Chilcotin. There aren't a lot of paved roads in the region, though you can venture off of this main thoroughfare if you please and take backroads to such destinations as Gang Ranch. This isolated ranch was originally built in the 1860s, and today, it is still a major BC beef supplier.

If you are driving through the Chilcotin region on your own, you can access roads off of Highway 20 that lead to excellent viewing points. The views of the Coast Mountain Range are among the most stunning, and if you truly want to enjoy them, a side trip to TS'IL-OS Provincial Park is recommended. This awesome park is actually bounded by the Coastal Mountain chain on its western side. On the park's eastern edge, the drier Chilcotin Country interior unfolds. The large and beautiful Chilko Lake is among the main TS'IL-OS Provincial Park features. This lake lends itself to boating and kayaking, though it can be tricky to navigate. As such, only experienced boaters and kayakers are encouraged to get out on the water. If you prefer staying on dry land, hiking is among the more rewarding pursuits. The park has excellent trails, some of which can be used for four- and six-day loop treks.

Two small campgrounds can be found at TS'IL-OS Provincial Park, and they are the Gwa Da Ts'ish Campground and the Nu Chugh Beniz Campground. Both offer firewood, water, pit toilets, and picnic tables. Nature enthusiasts will want to keep these campgrounds in mind when it comes to lodging in Cariboo-Chilcotin.

For Chilcotin visitors who prefer walls, beds, and things the like, a variety of guest ranches and rustic resorts can be found in the region. Some of the resorts offer rental cabins, and they all specialize in helping their guests enjoy the great outdoors. In addition to horseback riding and hiking, Chilcotin-Cariboo resort guests can expect to have the chance to enjoy activities such as fishing and biking. During the cold season, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing are among the activities of choice at the various resorts, as well as in the region in general.

If you want some help when it comes to approaching things in the rather wild Chilcotin Plateau region, guided adventure tours can be arranged. These tours can see you white water rafting on the Chilcotin River, taking on the renowned Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit that is found north of the town of Wells, indulging in scenic flights over the region, or enjoying any other number of fun experiences.

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