BC Ferries

BC ferries are used for getting to all kinds of places that can't be reached by land. Among the most popular ferry routes are those that connect the mainland to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands that can be found in between. Many travelers also rely on British Columbia ferries to get to the wonderful Sunshine Coast, but these are just some of the options. In fact, you can hop on a ferry that takes you outside of the province, and getting to British Columbia from some outside destination by way of ferry is also possible.

Vancouver is British Columbia's largest city. It is also the point of entry for many BC visitors and the most common embarkation point for trips to Vancouver island. BC Ferries is the name of the main ferry provider for British Columbia, and it provides various ferry routes between the lower mainland area and Vancouver Island. If you check the BC ferry schedule, you'll notice that there are three daily ferries between Vancouver and Victoria. Other ferries from the Vancouver area mainland run routes to the Vancouver Island destinations of Nanaimo, Comox, and Cambell River, which are all found on the island's east coast. From these destinations, you can stay on land and branch out to other parts of the island.

Vancouver is a main embarkation point for BC cruises of all kinds, and this includes extended ferry trips. Many of the ferries out of Vancouver stick to the Strait of Georgia and run routes to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Ferrying your way through the Gulf Islands, it should be noted, is among the best experiences to be found in British Columbia. While island hopping, you can take in amazing scenery, meet interesting people, find a bed and breakfast to escape to for a bit, and so many other things.

One of the most unforgettable ferry rides that you can enjoy in British Columbia is the fifteen-hour ride through the stunningly beautiful Inside Passage. The embarkation Point is northern Vancouver Island's Port Hardy, and Prince Rupert is the ultimate destination. Many British Columbia ferries to Alaska run this route as well. Prince Rupert is close to the southern reaches of the Alaska Panhandle.

Taking British Columbia ferries to Alaska isn't the only option if you are looking to move outside of the province borders. You can also take a ferry to or from Washington State. The British Columbia ferries to Washington make daily connections to Port Angeles, Seattle, and Bellingham.

Regardless of what your needs are when it comes to BC ferries, there is likely to be a route that serves them. Check a BC ferry schedule, and you will also notice that ferry routes are open year round. If you can't get where you need to go by way of ferry in British Columbia, taking a water taxi or a seaplane are among the other options. You can also take a canoe, kayak, or private boat. An example of a desirable destination that can't be reached by ferry is Savary Island. From the Sunshine Coast town of Lund, anyone with a private boat, a kayak, or a canoe to venture out to wonderful Savary Island, provided that the weather is cooperating.



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