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British Columbia fishing is known for its quality, especially when it comes to salmon and trout fishing. The most prized fish species in the region is the Chinook salmon, though visitors can also hope to snag kokanee salmon and other species. Steelhead are also among the more iconic fish that populate the British Columbia waters, and if you're up for some sturgeon fishing, you can do that as well. The giant white sturgeon that populate the BC waters are the largest freshwater fish in North America. They can measure as long as twelve feet and weigh more than 1,200 pounds, while Chinook salmon can weigh in at more than 70 pounds.

Some big fish can be caught when you engage in British Columbia fishing. At Kootenay Lake, for example, the Gerrard rainbow trout can weigh more than 35 pounds. This makes them the largest trout in the world. The steelhead are also among the largest that you will find anywhere, with the northwest Skeena region boasting the biggest ever caught. Fishing charters can be found in good number across the region if you're interested in seeing what you can snag, and you can also book a stay at a fishing lodge in British Columbia if you plan on doing a lot of angling. Many British Columbia fishing resorts also cater to angling enthusiasts, and plenty of campsites offer easy access to lakes, streams, rivers, and the open seas.

Before you start fishing in Canada's British Columbia province, you will have to get a license. In fact, if you want to do some freshwater fishing and some saltwater fishing, you will need to get two licenses. A tidal BC fishing license is also known as a saltwater fishing license, and as is true of a freshwater license, it can be secured in advance if you don't want to worry about getting one after you arrive in the province. Anyone who doesn't get their BC fishing license or licenses in advance can secure one through a charter company or at any number of recreation-based businesses that are spread out across the province. The numerous Service BC Centres, which are spread out across the province, are also good places to get a BC fishing license, and fishing resort guests can often get them at the resort itself.

Booking a guided trip through a BC fishing charter is recommended if you aren't familiar with the region or you just want to maximize your overall experience. The experienced guides that can be found across British Columbia know where all the best spots are, which is reason enough to book one. The various BC fishing charters offer boats of all sizes, and they can also hook you up with all the gear that you will need to get going. Some even throw in lunch, and if nothing else, snacks and beverages are usually available at no extra charge. As for the best places to do some British Columbia fishing, the coastal regions offer some hard to beat salmon and halibut fishing, with destinations such as Vancouver Island's Ucluelet being ideal places to arrange saltwater fishing adventures. Ucluelet can be found near Tofino on Vancouver's west coast, and the area in general is known for its myriad recreational opportunities.

When you're not doing some Vancouver Island fishing during your BC trip, you can spend some time casting lines on the mainland. The Fraser River, which can be found in both the Chilcotin Country and the Okanagan Valley, is full of mighty sturgeon, so you might start there. Another excellent spot to go fishing on the BC mainland is the Whistler area. This area is much more than a skiing destination, and should you have fishing as the aim, you can fish the lakes and rivers in hopes of catching salmon, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and steelhead. Mountain lakes and streams offer up some excellent fishing of their own in the Kootenay Rockies region, and the list goes on and on if you're looking for ideas. Take the northern coast, for example. In addition to yielding high numbers of fish, this part of the province also offers prawns, crabs, and other seafood delights.

If you want to stay at a fishing resort or a fishing lodge in British Columbia, there are numerous establishments to choose from. Some are relatively luxurious, while others are known for their rustic simplicity, and should you wish, finding one that is secluded won't be hard. Perhaps you'll secure a guest unit at a fishing lodge or fishing resort that can only be reached by floatplane. Regardless of the region that you visit and where you choose to stay, your BC fishing experience should prove to be an unforgettable one. This western Canada province can satisfy even the most seasoned of anglers.

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