Glacier National Park Canada

Glacier National Park Canada is one of more than 40 national parks that can be found across the country, and is located in the warm and moist region in southeastern British Columbia. As the name implies, glacier-capped peaks dominate the terrain. The mountains are rugged in Glacier National Park Canada, and the lower you go, the more plants and animals you will encounter. Glacier National Park wildlife includes a variety of threatened and endangered species, including mountain caribou and mountain goats. Grizzlies also populate the park's 520-square-mile expanse, while the flora includes old-growth hemlocks and cedars. This is nature in its purest form, and since stunning views abound, sightseeing is among the main activities.

One of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed in Canada's national parks is hiking . The Glacier National Park hiking trails certainly offer plenty in the way of diversity, and if you want to take things further, you can attempt to climb lofty peaks such as those in the Hermit Range. The mountains in Glacier National Park Canada are part of the larger Columbia Mountains range. The park's highest peak, Mt. Dawson, tops out at 11,123 feet above sea level, and there are nine other mountains that are more than 8,500 feet tall. This should give you an idea of the mountaineering opportunities. As for those who wish to stick to the Glacier National Park hiking trails, there are some of the easy variety, though they are fairly limited in number. Most of the trails are challenging, and excellent signage is in place to help hikers stay on track. Follow some of the signs, and they will lead you to breathtaking viewpoints.

Thanks to its varied terrain, Glacier National Park Canada offers an extensive list of things to do . Checking out the Nakimu Caves can be a blast, and tours are available if you aren't planning on applying for your own entry date. During the winter season, skiing and ski touring are among the best activities, especially if you like hitting glades, dipping into alpine bowls, and ripping down descents of up to 4,900 feet. Winter permits are provided at no extra cost with a valid Park Pass, and they allow ski touring enthusiasts to access all kinds of awesome backcountry areas.

No visit to Glacier National Park Canada would arguably be complete without a stop at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre. This museum of sorts highlights the national historic site that is Rogers Pass. The exhibits focus around the key role that the pass played in extending Canada's transportation capabilities, and it also provides interesting insight into the region's more general human history. The Rogers Pass Discovery Centre doubles as the main visitor center for Glacier National Park, so you are likely to end up there at any rate. It is open daily, and the hours vary depending on the season.

For travelers who are interested in Glacier National Park lodging in Canada, there are a variety of interesting options. Right next door to the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre is the Glacier Park Lodge, so you might start your search there. This lodge was built almost 100 years ago by the Great Northern Railway, and it offers 161 rooms. Facilities include a pool, a day spa, a gift shop, a restaurant, and a fun 9-hole golf course.

Another lodge that is worth keeping in mind during your search for Glacier National Park lodging in Canada is the Lake McDonald Lodge. This historic establishment was built in 1914, and it offers cottages and a motor inn to go with its lodge rooms. It also boasts a pizzeria, a more general restaurant, a lounge, and a gift shop. Tours of various kinds can be arranged at the Lake McDonald Lodge, as is true at the Glacier Park Lodge. You can also book boat cruises with ease, not to mention a variety of other fun activities.

Rounding out the options for Glacier National Park lodging in Canada are a few other hotels and motor inns. Visitors can also go camping if they prefer. Both frontcountry and backcountry camping is possible at Glacier National Park Canada, and relatively simple huts and cabins are available for rent at various spots throughout the park. Both the Illecillewaet Campground and the Loop Brook Campground offer flush toilets, kitchen shelters, water, firewood, and other handy things that the other campsites lack. In general, none of the campsites are overflowing with amenities and facilities.



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