Kootenay Lake

Kootenay Lake is a great place to play in British Columbia. This largest lake in the Kootenay Rockies area is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and the water is fresh and clear, supporting wonderful fishing opportunities. When visitors aren't spending their time on the water, they can indulge in scenic drives, the likes of which open up opportunities to gaze at glacier-capped mountains, thick forests, and the lake itself. These are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed at Kootenay Lake, and since there are numerous lodging options close to the water's edge, finding a good place to rest between activities shouldn't be hard.

British Columbia is a place of recreational bliss. Adding to this is the stunning scenery be found at destinations such as Kootenay Lake. You can find this long and thin body of water in the southeastern part of the province between the Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges. Alpine vistas abound, and there are numerous ways to take it all in. As you might imagine, taking in the views while out on the water is what many visitors have in mind. If you don't have a boat of your own, there are boat rental shops in area communities such as Nelson. These rental shops offer small boats, and more often than not, they also offer kayaks and canoes that you can borrow. Guided boating, kayaking, and canoeing tours can be arranged at Kootenay Lake, and many of these tours offer the chance to do some excellent fishing. Gerrard rainbow trout and kokanee salmon are enviable catches. Gerrard rainbow trout, it is worth mentioning, are the largest trout in the world. Some can weigh more than 35 pounds.

In addition to doing some boating, canoeing, or kayaking, those who wish to get out on the water at Kootenay Lake can also consider riding the free ferry. The Kootenay Lake Ferry connects the community of Balfour on the western side with the east coast community of Kootenay Bay. The trip takes approximately 35 minutes, and your vehicle can be accommodated if need be. The Kootenay Lake Ferry actually helps to form the northern portion of the International Selkirk Loop. This scenic drive loop is extremely rewarding to travel along, and when you get the urge to stop for a while, there are numerous towns and hamlets along the way. In these towns and hamlets, you can shop for artisan goods and get something to eat. Should your trip on the International Selkirk Loop include boarding the free ferry, you can also dine at one of the onboard restaurants.

The list of things to do on a visit to the Kootenay Lake area is a long one. A collection of golf resorts can be found in the area, for example, and these golf resorts include the spectacular Kokanee Springs Golf Resort at Crawford Bay. One of the best championship golf courses in all of Canada can be found at the Kokanee Springs Golf Resort. You might also look to do some biking or some hiking. The area supports an active cycling and biking culture, so you should have little trouble securing a bike rental if you need one. As for the hiking opportunities, there are trails to suit all levels and desires around the 90-mile-long and 2.5-mile-wide Kootenay Lake.

As is true of the recreational options, the lodging options at Kootenay Lake BC offer something for everyone. There are intimate bed and breakfasts to choose from if you need Kootenay Lake lodging, and you can also find lakeside resorts that aim to please. Motels and motor inns figure among the most affordable places to stay, and if you are more interested in a rental property, they are available as well. A Kootenay Lake village rental can offer many of the same amenities that you would expect to enjoy at home, including a fully-equipped kitchen and private laundry facilities. As for other Kootenay Lake lodging options, there are RV resorts and campgrounds in the area as well, so you might keep them in mind when planning your visit.

As a side note, it is worth mentioning that Kootenay Lake is not affiliated with Kootenay National Park. These attractions are found the same general region, however, and you might look to include both on the itinerary when in the area. Kootenay National Park offers some spectacular views of its own, not to mention a wealth of recreational opportunities.

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