Sunshine Coast BC Canada

Sunshine Coast BC Canada is a wonderful region to escape to, especially if you enjoy taking in splendid scenic views and visiting quaint seaside towns. Stretching for 110 miles along mainland British Columbia's Strait of Georgia coast, this rugged, waterfront region offers stunning views of the Coastal Mountain range and the blue waters of the Strait of Georgia. Across the strait lies Vancouver Island, and its rolling mountains only add to the scenic appeal. The quaint towns in this area are sleepy fishing and logging towns that are known for their waterfront shops and their all around friendly atmospheres. It's a truly delightful area to explore, and chances are good that you will fall under its relaxing spell the moment that you arrive.

The Sunshine Coast starts at the village of Gibsons and continues north on up to Lund. Not far off the Lund shore, it should be noted, is where you can find Savary Island and its wonderful beaches. While Vancouver isn't very far south of Gibsons, the region feels decidedly different with a definite island vibe. The name of this coastal region was inspired by the fact that it gets an average of 2,400 hours of sunshine every year. The abundance of sunny days encourages residents and visitors alike to get outside and enjoy some recreational fun.

One of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed on BC's Sunshine Coast is kayaking. Taking in the surrounding views from the water is a big part of the allure, and should you prefer, canoeing is also an option. Both kayaking and canoeing tours can be arranged in some of the coastal towns, such as the town of Powell River, and they can last for an hour or two or even days on end if you're up for an extended adventure.

Another popular water activity along the Sunshine Coast that residents and visitors can enjoy is diving. Powell River, which is the main town in the region, is the diving center. From there, you can arrange outings focusing on shipwrecks. You can also dive down to sunken boats that now act as artificial reefs.

If you are not a water person, staying on dry land can be just as rewarding. This has a lot to do with the excellent hiking trails that can be found in the area. While hiking on the Sunshine Coast, you can make your way through old growth forests, many of which meet the water's edge. For those who are interested in doing a lot of Sunshine Coast hiking, taking on the entire Sunshine Coast Trail is always an option. This trail extends along the length of the region's coast, and while it is moderate in the northern reaches, it gets challenging as you move south.

Unless you are only interested in Sunshine Coast BC camping, you might consider staying at one of the three bed and breakfasts that can be found along the Sunshine Coast Trail. Other accommodations can be found near parts of the trail, and they include hotels, cheap motels, and an even cheaper hostel. As for camping along the trail, there are various backcountry sites to choose from. These sites are relatively low on frills, so you'll want to bring all the equipment that you will need.

There are numerous places to stay along the Sunshine Coast in BC Canada, so finding your ideal lodging fit should be a breeze. Understandably so, many visitors have the Sunshine Coast resorts in mind, as they tend to offer beautiful waterfront locations that are hard to beat. Such is the case with the Desolation Sound Resort. This upscale oceanfront resort between Powell River and Lund offers lovely chalets that overlook the shoreline. The largest units can sleep up to eight people, and regardless of which one you secure, a full kitchen and a deck with a gas grill will figure among the amenities. Some units also have private hot tubs. As a side note, some enticing vacation rentals can also be found in the region, so you might keep them in mind when trying to find a base that suits your needs.

If you want to explore the Sunshine Coast, you should know that getting there takes a little effort. You can only reach the region by plane or boat, which means that anyone who wishes to drive along the main route of Highway 101 will have to take ferries to access it. The ferry from the Vancouver area embarks at West Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay. The destination is Langdale, and the ferry ride takes approximately 40 minutes. Should you continue driving north along Highway 101 after you get to Langdale, you will eventually have to get on another ferry at Earls Cove. This ferry takes about 50 minutes to get to Saltery Bay. Small plane flights connect Vancouver to Powell River if you prefer flying in, and you can also combine bus rides with ferry rides if you wish.

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