Tofino British Columbia

Tofino British Columbia is a small village that is big on appeal. Found on Victoria Island's southwest coast, this town of approximately 1,700 residents swells with tourists during the summer months. Visitors come to enjoy the excellent marine views that abound in Tofino, and they also come to explore nearby Pacific Rim National Park. This excellent park protects much of the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, and it unfolds just south of Tofino proper. Summer is a great time to visit Tofino British Columbia, but it isn't the only season worth keeping in mind. The spring and fall offer their own joys, and should you arrive in winter, chances are good that you will have the chance to watch at least one storm roll in off the Pacific, which is a real treat, provided that you are indoors.

Tofino is one of British Columbia's most popular places to visit. The tourism boom has picked up significantly in recent decades, and these days, there are Tofino hotels to fit a wide range of tastes and preferences. You can even find upscale inns near town if you want to go the luxury route, and on the other end of the scale, hostels provide budget-friendly accommodations for the backpacking crowd.

Wherever you choose to stay in Tofino British Columbia, there will be tantalizing ways to spend your time when you're not catching up on sleep. During the summer, surfing at Long Beach is among the most popular activities, especially since this highly coveted strip of sand begins just south of town. Long Beach, it should be noted, is one of the three main Pacific Rim National Park units. The others are the Broken Group Islands, which caters to boaters and divers, and the West Coast Trail, which provides bliss for serious hikers.

During the warmer months, one of the other activities that can be enjoyed on a visit to Tofino is kayaking. Sea kayaking in Tofino often involves exploring the calm waters of Clayquot Sound, and guides are available if you want to enjoy a kayaking tour. When you're not kayaking, hiking, or enjoying any other number of eco-related activities during your Tofino visit, you can tee it up for a fun round of golf at the Long Beach Golf Course. This 9-hole golf course is well-manicured, and the views of the surrounding mountains and the area waters are simply divine.

While the warmer months in Tofino British Columbia encourage locals and visitors to engage in numerous outdoor activities, the winter months see many people seeking shelter indoors. This is due to the fact that the village and the region in general are battered by storms during the winter season. You certainly don't have to spend all of your time indoors during the winter months, however. Watching the storms roll in from the empty beaches can be a blast, as long as you remember to dress in warm and waterproof gear. The winds off the Tofino coast often exceed 60 miles per hour between the months of November and February, and it's not uncommon to witness 30-foot-tall waves bashing the shoreline. Hence the village's "Tough City" nickname. Outdoor storm-watching tours can be enjoyed in Tofino, and you can also secure an indoor spot in front of a big window if you prefer avoiding the elements.

When looking for things to do in Tofino BC, there are a few festivals that you might keep in mind. In March, for example, the whale watching season kicks off with a whale festival that can be a joy to experience. The whale watching season continues on through to summer and doesn't end until autumn, with spring offering the most consistent sightings. Anyone who is interested in Tofino festivals might also plan their visits around the Tofino Food and Wine Festival or the Tofino Lantern Festival. The food and wine festival highlights the village's many fine restaurants, not to mention the great British Columbia wines, and it is held during the first week of June. As for the Tofino Lantern Festival, it sees locals and visitors alike lighting up the Tofino Botanical Gardens with lanterns in late August. Leading up to this annual, evening event are lantern-making workshops that allow people to make their own candle lanterns. These workshops are mostly held at the Raincoast Interpretive Centre and the Botanical Gardens.

The list of things to do in Tofino BC is extensive, and visitors who are interested can choose from any number of tour options. Among the most popular tours are the fishing tours, the bear watching tours, and the whale watching tours, just to name a few. It is also worth noting that Tofino camping can be enjoyed if you are looking for an alternative to the hotel scene. The Long Beach Golf Course actually offers a 75-site campground, for example. Whatever your activity and lodging interests are, you'll have to get to Tofino first before you can start enjoying it all.

Small planes offer flights between Tofino and the regional cities of Vancouver and Seattle. Ferries can also be used to get this coastal village, and you can jump on one at a number of different destinations, including Vancouver, Nanaimo, Powell River, and Seattle. Bus service is also available, with ferry connections linking the mainland routes with the island routes, and anyone who chooses to drive themselves can take Highway 4 to get to the area once they get on Vancouver Island.

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