Bowen Island

Bowen Island is located in Howe Sound with its closest point to Vancouver proper being a little over a mile. This island has long been a popular vacation choice for residents of the city of Vancouver and has become increasingly popular as a tourist attraction. Many people head to Bowen Island as a daytrip from Vancouver and end up discovering the magic and enchantment of this island in Howe Sound. There are virtually unlimited things to do on Bowen Island, from a wide range of water and land sports and activities, shopping, dining, and much more. There is also a range of options for lodging on Bowen Island BC.

There is Bowen Island ferry service that runs regularly from Horseshoe Bay, making it easy for anyone staying in or around the Downtown core to access the island with the greatest of ease. There are three main operators that provide Bowen Island ferry service. B.C. Ferries carries passengers from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Snug Cove on Bowen. You can also take a late night Bowen Island ferry using the Cormorant Marie that also operates between Horseshoe Bay and Snug Cove. The English Bay Launch has a twelve-person ferry that distributes passengers between Snug Cove, Granville Island, and Downtown Vancouver. It is only about a twenty-minute ferry ride to Bowen Island from Horseshoe Bay. This is one of the truly great things about the city of Vancouver. Even through there are so many things to do and attractions to explore, they are all relatively easy to access. Bowen Island is certainly no exception.

When you are looking for potential things to do on Bowen Island, you should keep in mind that there is a whole lot more going on that just water sports, hiking, and mountain biking. This is not to say that many people do not go to Bowen Island with the express intent of enjoying just such activities. The beaches, trails, and interior are amazing, and provide excellent opportunities for everything from kayaking to hiking. But for those people who like to stay indoors and enjoy shopping and entertainment, you will not be forced to stay in the city while the rest of the group heads out for a day of outdoor excitement on Bowen Island. There are plenty of restaurants and bars, boutiques and stores, as well as theaters and places to take part in arts and crafts. Take a stroll through the town and check out the art galleries and quaint shops while you witness the beautiful vistas of Howe Sound in the background.

The real wonder of this island is the wide variety of things to do on Bowen Island in the water, and on the island itself. You can rent kayaks, take mountain biking expeditions, go swimming, boating, water skiing, and just about anything else that you can imagine. Bowen Island is a perfect place to get away from the rigor of city life for a day or two and commune with nature in all of its beauty on this treasure near the city of Vancouver.

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