Jericho Beach Vancouver

Jericho Beach Vancouver is one of the most popular beaches in this part of British Columbia. It is located to the west of Kitsilano and features sandy beaches and long stretches of coastline where you will enjoy stunning vistas of the sea and mountains. Jericho Beach Park Vancouver is a large, grassy green space where families and groups of friends can enjoy a day of picnicking, playing sports and games, and generally just relaxing and having a great time. If you want to stay in the Kitsilano area in order to be close to this particular beach, you can always choose to stay at one of the Kitsilano hotels near Jericho Beach.

There are a number of features at Jericho Beach Vancouver that make this an ideal destination for both residents and visitors of the city. You will find concession stands, public restrooms and wash rooms, tennis courts, picnic tables, barbecue grills, swimming rafts, and plenty of parking. You have to pay to park at Jericho Beach Park Vancouver, but the rates are cheap. When you spend the day at Jericho Beach Vancouver, you will also have at your disposal a wide range of water sports and activities. You can rent boats and rafts, play volleyball or Frisbee on the beach, or just sit back, people watch, and bask in the gorgeous sun. There are lifeguards on duty during the open season so it is a safe place for one and all. The sand is brilliant, the water is cooling, and the vistas are breathtaking.

Think about staying at one of the hotels near Jericho Beach if you end up falling in love with area, as so many visitors do. The Sylvia Hotel, Best Western Sands, and Oceanside Hotel are all within close proximity and provide excellent places to stay.

Image: Tourism Vancouver, John Sinal
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