Locarno Beach

Locarno Beach is one of the English Bay beaches where you can expect to commune with nature. It is known around Vancouver as an ideal place to go if you simply want a tranquil and serene experience on the beach. There is no amplified music allowed, meaning you will only hear the sounds of the tall stands of evergreens shifting with the warm breeze careening off the bay. There are a whole host of activities available to you at Locarno Beach, from water activities such as rafting and water skiing, to having picnics and barbecues at the designated facilities. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars, and hotels near Locarno Beach, but none so close as to spoil the natural beauty of these amazing surroundings.

You do not have to pay to park at Locarno Beach and the Locarno Beach Park area is a fantastic spot for hiking and biking. As with the other English Bay beaches in the city, it is only a short distance to many of the most popular attractions in Vancouver. It is only a few minutes driving to get to attractions such as Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium, but you would not know it when you are relaxing in the absolute tranquility of Locarno Beach. If you desire to make a weekend or an extended stay out of your trip to this beach, you may want to consider nearby accommodations. If you book any of the hotels near Locarno Beach with enough advance planning, you are likely to get secure good rates. The Sylvia Hotel is a reputable hotel that offers a pleasing array of amenities within close proximity of the beach. You will also find a number of quaint bed and breakfasts in the area as well.

Image: alycat (flickr)

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