Metrotown Mall

Metrotown Mall is a premier shopping destination located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Featuring over 450 stores and a plethora of services, it is the largest shopping mall in British Columbia and the second largest mall in all of Canada. It is also commonly referred to as Metropolis at Metrotown, with Metrotown being a reference to the surrounding residential areas of the mall. The Metropolis at Metrotown stores encompass a wide variety of products and services including electronics, jewelry, clothing, specialty foods, and much more. You can easily access any of the Metropolis at Metrotown stores and boutiques using the SkyTrain. The mall itself is connected to the Metrotown Station.

The Metrotown Mall really is quite grandious. The Grand Court features Cirque du Soleil performances, large musical concerts, and other unique events such as singing and dancing competitions. There is a large rocking horse and a huge sand pit that will provide the kids with endless hours of entertainment. There are also tons of stores geared toward the kids, from outlets where you can find the newest fashion in children’s clothing, to toy stores and bookshops that specialize in material for the little ones.

The international food court is also a huge hit at the Metropolis at Metrotown. A huge array of different varieties of food and beverages are at your disposal. Vancouver is a multicultural city that features restaurants and eateries from all kinds of different ethnic traditions. The international food court at the Metrotown Mall is much like a little encapsulation of the dining scene in Vancouver at large. This is not the usual mall with the hotdog stand and soft pretzels, although you will likely be able to find both of these things as well. Rather, it is a food court where you can find Chinese, Mediterranean, Thai, Italian, and that is just a start.

A cinema is contained within the Metropolis at Metrotown as well. After you have shopped until you cannot shop anymore and refreshed yourself with a stop at the international food court, you can treat you and your crew to a movie to round out the day. There is far more to this place than just shopping at the Metropolis at Metrotown stores.

If you decide not to use the SkyTrain for public transportation, and you are driving to Burnaby, the mall is close to Highway 1 on 4700 Kingsway in Burnaby. The drive from Downtown Vancouver is a breeze, but you will not have to worry about parking or messing around with traffic if you take the SkyTrain. It is by far the easiest way to access this popular shopping center from Downtown Vancouver.

There are a lot of shopping opportunities within the city of Vancouver and the outlying areas. Neighborhoods such as Kitsilano and shopping districts like the one on Robson Street add to the dynamic appeal of the shopping scene in the city. If you get a chance to spend some time in Burnaby, head on over to the Metrotown Mall for some great shopping and good times.

Image: Tourism Vancouver, Metropolis at Metrotown
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