Vancouver Nightlife

Vancouver nightlife has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years due to several factors. The 2010 Winter Olympics brought about widespread gentrification of areas of town that may have at once been considered seedy because of the local sex shops. As a result, areas such as Granville Street, which is currently being developed as the city’s new entertainment district, have seen many of the smaller, independent businesses closing shop due to increasing rent and other such factors. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of clubs, bars, and restaurants in this fun district.

Nightlife in Vancouver
Nightlife in Vancouver

For years, authorities in the city maintained rigid rules for closing times for Vancouver night clubs, but in recent years, regulations have been eased in an attempt to improve the nightlife scene in the city, all while making it a safer experience for everyone. Now you can enjoy some of the best nightlife in Vancouver BC without having to worry about looking for it in a substandard or unsafe part of the city.

Vancouver night clubs can be found not only in the downtown part of the city, but also throughout the various neighborhoods such as Granview-Woodland, Kitsilano, and the West End. Even though it was the norm for clubs to close relatively early in the night for years in Vancouver, that didn’t mean that there was still not a thriving club scene with plenty of alluring venues. Today, the only difference is that you can enjoy the best nightlife in Vancouver BC until much later. Areas of the city like Gastown, Yaletown, and the entertainment district on Granville Street provide countless hours of fun and excitement for both residents and visitors of Vancouver. When doing your research on Vancouver nightlife, it is advisable not to limit your search to just Downtown. As you find out more about the city, you will see that there are all kinds of clubs, bars, and restaurants distributed throughout the city. The difficult part will not be finding a place to hang out, but rather picking from the wide selection of options at your disposal.

No matter what kind of atmosphere you like when you go out on the town, Vancouver nightlife offers something for everyone. There are thumping, multi-level clubs with swimming pools (yes, swimming pools), themed dance floors, and wild, weekly parties. There are also more refined martini and wine bars where you can enjoy the best of Vancouver’s jazz music scene while sipping a beverage and enjoying the local cuisine. If what you are looking for is a wild night of partying, Vancouver night clubs are not likely to let you down. On the other hand, you will also have no problem locating an ideal restaurant or laid back bar. If it is your first time traveling to the city, take advantage of the concierge service at your hotel. Many of the hotels in Vancouver have multilingual concierges who are more than capable of helping to make reservations or shape up your itinerary for tours of the Vancouver museums or any other attractions.

The best nightlife in Vancouver BC tends to be wherever you find yourself at the moment. You can’t go wrong in exciting parts of town like Gastown, Downtown, Graville-Woodland, and Yaletown. Allow yourself time to just explore the city and see what you find. You will not be disappointed.

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