2010 Olympics Tickets

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics have ended as of February 28. The Rio Olympics will be held in 2016; read about where to buy Olympics tickets for the upcoming games.

The 2010 Olympics tickets will be sold in three phrases beginning in 2008 with phase 1. The good news for Canadians is that they will easily be able to submit their applications for Vancouver Olympics tickets online or by getting a ticket request form through the mail by telephone. For other countries, it will be a tad bit harder as Olympics goers will have to purchase their 2010 Winter Olympics tickets through an authorized sales agent for their own National Olympic Committee.

In order to purchase 2010 Olympics tickets you will need to follow a Phase system that will be place to order or purchase tickets. Only authorized sources will be allowed to sell 2010 Winter Olympics Tickets, no others tickets purchased through unauthorized agencies will be accepted as an entry to any of the Olympics.

The following Phase system will give you an idea of when and how the process will work for you to be able to enjoy the 2010 Winter Olympics and purchase tickets with ease.

Phase 1 for purchasing 2010 Winter Olympics tickets starts with the application period beginning in October 2008. Along with the application process, a lottery will be held in which ticket packages for sessions with greater demand will be sold. In this manner, the 2010 Olympics tickets should be distributed in a fair manner. After this, a notification will be sent to those who have secured their Vancouver Olympics tickets; however, seating information will not be available at this time. If you happen to miss sending in an application or your application was not accepted, you will be able to purchase 2010 Winter Olympics tickets from the unsold tickets prior the release of the tickets to the general public.

Phase 2 revolves around the remaining 2010 Olympics tickets that were not sold during phase 1. During phase 2, these will go up for public sale. This phase is expected to occur in early 2009. Around the middle of 2009, seat assignment will be determined. Vancouver Olympics tickets seating will be determined by the date of an application or the time in which the purchase was made.

The last phase for purchasing 2010 Winter Olympics tickets will be for all unsold tickets, and these tickets will be sold with seating information, which is Phase 3.

Seating for the 2010 Olympics tickets will vary according to the competition and the seat category a person desires. Prices for tickets along with seating has been predetermined and divided into categories which depends on the sport you will be viewing, the configuration, and the spectator capacity. Category A is the premier seating with the best view, Category B is next, and so on and so forth. A map of seating will be available during the Phase 1 ticket sales.

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver will be an exciting adventure for all the athletes and guests to enjoy all the sights around Vancouver while routing for their country"s top athletes.

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