Vancouver Spas

Vancouver spas give you the chance to relax, which is really what vacations are about. This scenic city is home to a wide range of spas and wellness centers where everyday cares seem to vanish. As you're taking to soak in the views and the atmosphere of this vibrant city and its lovely downtown, you may want to pause and take time to soak in the warm steam of a sauna or the comfort of a hot-stone massage.

Many of the luxury hotels provide a home for Vancouver spas. While guests are often the priority, others can usually make an appointment or purchase a pass for the fitness centers. When you're looking for Vancouver spa deals, you might find it cost effective to make reservations at one of the hotels with a spa. Many times, the special spa vacation packages could cost less than paying for each on an a la carte basis.

The Pan Pacific Hotel, one of the luxury resorts along the harbor, encourages its guests to relax. With attentive service and amazing views, your mind will be put at ease even before you begin your first therapeutic service at one of the best Vancouver spas. At the spa at this hotel, an elegant choice for downtown Vancouver spas, you'll have many choices of treatments. This 12,000-square-foot wellness center designed with the architectural details of ancient Rome offers anti-aging treatments, aromatherapy, and other ways to rejuvenate and feel your best. With an upgrade to the VIP suites, you'll enjoy unparalleled privacy with a spa tub, private dining area, and hostess who's duty is to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

Downtown Vancouver spas can also be found near Robson Street, also known as the city's shopping district. Along with checking out hot boutiques and interesting shops, you can take time for yourself and relax. For decades, this building was home to a barbershop with flair. Many of the original architectural elements have been retained, including marble columns and an elegant stairway also crafted out of marble. The packages have been specially designed to offer a range of services for one price, an excellent choice for Vancouver spa deals. After a pedicure, facial, and hot-stone massage, you'll leave feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to get back to more shopping.

Other downtown Vancouver spas combine wellness treatments with shopping. Some of these offer a full array of services, including facial treatments, access to certified expert estheticians, and professional make-up artists. You'll even have the chance to visit medical spas, home to onsite physicians who can provide treatments that you can't find outside of a doctor's care. After your treatment, you can shop for some of the best products available, everything from doctor-recommended skin car creams to the hottest make-up lines. The shopping district of North Vancouver also is another smart place to look for full-service spas.

Another way to find Vancouver spa deals is to consider the treatments. If you sign up for a manicure or one of the shorter treatments, you'll still feel great without paking attention. Skoah, which has one spa in downtown as well as one in Calgary and one in Burnaby, offers quick facials. For an excellent price, less than you'd pay for a pair of jeans, you can enjoy a treatment that will have your skin looking its best in no time. The spa also carries a line of custom-made products that come with a guarantee that you'll see results in 60 days, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a spa treatment long after your vacation has become a warm memory.

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