Vancouver Hiking Trails

Vancouver hiking trails cross through some of the prettiest scenery in Canada. In the region, you'll find some trails along the beach, others through the urban parks, and still others in outdoor wonderlands that feel miles away from the ordinary. Thanks to the year-round mild weather and abundance of sunshine, you can lace up your hiking boots or climb aboard a bike no matter when you plan to visit. Different people may have different opinions on what constitutes the best hiking in Vancouver BC, but all will agree that it's extraordinary and a worthy adventure.

Vancouver Hiking Trails
Vancouver Hiking Trails

Many consider Stanley Park, when they're looking for the best hiking in Vancouver BC. While the trails may not be as challenging as some, they are readily available and pleasant to explore. This urban park, one of the largest in North America, is rimmed by the seawall, a 5.5-mile path favored by bikers and rollerbladers. The path continues beyond the park, winding along Coal Harbour and continuing along English Bay to Kitsilano Beach. It's split with walkers and joggers closest to the water and bikers on the inside path. Besides being one of the Vancouver biking trails, the seawall is fantastic place to admire the views of the park and the harbor. Inside the seawall, you'll find 1,000 acres of fun and natural beauty, home to wildlife, majestic forests, and fun attractions.

While Stanley Park is the best known park, the city home to many other green spaces where people come to enjoy the great outdoors. Vancouver hiking trails also can be found at a number of municipal parks. Charleson Park is known for its striking views of downtown as well as its meandering paths and waterfall. The site of Coopers' Park was home to a saw mill and barrel-making operations for many years before it became a waterfront park with numerous trails and a skate park. Another city green space, Vanier Park, is home to a boat launch as well as the Vancouver Museum. It's wide path is the perfect place for a casual stroll and offers great views of the shoreline.

If you're looking for more challenging Vancouver hiking trails, you might want to head just outside of town to the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. Lauded as some of the best hiking in Vancouver BC, this natural preserve offers a new perspective—and the views from the top of the mountain just may take your breath away. The network of trails attract all kinds of people, everyone from casual strollers to intensive outdoor warriors. The conservation area is also crisscrossed by several Vancouver biking trails, in addition to gardens, sculptures, and play areas.

North Vancouver is another popular place for outdoor adventure. While the city may be best known for its chic shopping scene, its outdoor adventure is worth a look, too. Vancouver biking trails wind through the year-round Capilano River Regional Park. The park is also the home of the stunning Capilano Suspension Bridge, excellent fishing, and old-growth forests. The challenging trails, for hiking and biking, wind along the river and take you deep into the forest. It sister park, the waterfront front partner, Ambleside Park, is another favorite place for hiking and awesome views.

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