2010 Olympics Venues

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics have ended as of February 28. The Rio Olympics will be held in 2016; read about where to buy Olympics tickets for the upcoming games.

Vancouver has gone all out and created a 120-kilometer zone for the 2010 Olympics venues that begins at the shores of Richmond, which is just a tad south of Vancouver, and then heads to the downtown center of Vancouver, and then goes north to the peak of Whistler Mountain Resort.

The 2010 Winter Olympics locations encompass venues for competition and other non-competition activities as well. For competition Winter Olympics venues in Vancouver you will find the Canada Hockey Place, the Hillcrest/Nat Bailey Stadium Park, Pacific Coliseum, and the UBC Thunderbird Arena.

The 2010 Olympics venues in Whistler include the Whistler Sliding Center, Whistler Creekside, and Whistler Olympic Park and Paralympic Park.

Along with both of these 2010 Winter Olympics locations, there will also be competition at the Richmond Oval in Richmond and at Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver.

At the Winter Olympics venues found at the Canada Hockey Place, spectators will enjoy men"s and women’s ice hockey. Curling and wheelchair curling will be held at the Hillcrest/Nat Bailey Stadium Park. The Pacific Coliseum will be home to figure skating and short track speed skating. The UBC Thunderbird Arena will be the location for the men"s and women’s ice hockey tournaments and the men’s ice sledge hockey tournament. This arena is only one of the wonderful 2010 Winter Olympics Locations that will bring the various sport venues to waiting fans.

Other 2010 Winter Olympics locations for competition include Whistler Sliding Center where bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton events will be held. At the Whistler Creekside, the 2010 Olympics venues include alpine skiing and paralympic alpine skiing. The last venue in Whistler is the Whistler Olympic Park/Whistler Paralympic Park in Callaghan Valley where participants and visitors will enjoy such competitions as the biathlon, paralympic biathlon, cross-country skiing, paralympic cross country skiing, nordic combined, and ski jumping. The Richmond Oval host speed skating competitions while Cypress Mountain will be home for freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

The non-competition 2010 Olympics Venues include villages for athletes, ceremonies sites, and media centers. The Olympic Villages were especially designed for the world’s greatest athletes to provide each with all they need to prepare for the competitions, train, contact their family and friends back home, relax, and make friends with other athletes. The two villages will have easy access so athletes can travel back and forth without any hassles. Along with being a great place for the athletes, the Olympic Villages have one of the most spectacular settings in the world with North Shore mountains, coastal forests, and the city skyline all dazzling the sight of the beholders. The villages will be the home away from home for athletes and officials around the world.

The ceremonies venues for the 2010 Winter Olympics are stepping outside the norm with both the opening and closing ceremonies being held indoors. This will be the first time in history that these ceremonies will be indoors. The BC Place Stadium is the largest air-supported stadium in North America offering seating for 55,000 spectators. With an indoors ceremony, the weather outside will not hamper the excitement of the Olympic Games. The opportunity to stretch beyond the normal in aspects such as lighting, special effects, and sound are sure to have many sitting on the edge of their seats whether in the stadium or at home for this awesome event.

The media can expect to feel extra special with their Winter Olympics venues inside the Vancouver Convention and Expedition Centre in downtown Vancouver on the waterfront.

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