Vancouver Tourism

Vancouver tourism is popular all throughout the year because of the relatively mild climate on the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The mostly mild marine climate permits residents and visitors of the city to enjoy many popular outdoor activities year round, and in the winter when the days are shortened and the weather is damp and cold, there are plenty of attractions and things to do in Vancouver to keep you busy and entertained. Vancouver BC travel is an alluring prospect for many people because of the fact that it is a large metropolis with all of the benefits of a big city, that also happens to be surrounded by beaches, world-class ski slopes, and breathtaking mountains. If you ask enough people, you are bound to get a variety of different answers concerning the best time to go to Vancouver. It is in fact a fantastic city year round, but in order to be best prepared for your trip, you should know some general facts about the climate and other such factors.

Vancouver Tourism
Vancouver Tourism

Many people would argue that the best time to go to Vancouver is in the spring. The flowers are beginning to bloom in earnest and it is a lovely time to visit popular attractions such as the Vandusen Botanical Gardens. The temperate spring climate in southern British Columbia often spans from February into June, offering guests of more severe climates in Canada and the United States a nice reprieve. Although you can expect some rain during this time of the year, it will not hamper your Vancouver BC travel. Bring an umbrella and the necessary gear in the event that the temperatures drop significantly overnight, and you will be just fine.

Summer is the most popular time for Vancouver tourism, and the months of June through September see the greatest influx of tourist traffic. This does not, however, tend to cramp the streets or overwhelm the area accommodations, as this is a city that is relatively spread out and capable of handling masses of guests. Vancouver did after all host the 2010 Winter Olympics. The days tend to be warm, but are rarely too hot, and people head out to the area beaches for swimming, sun bathing, and a whole host of water sports and activities. You should be aware of the fact that reservations for the best hotels do become more scare and rates increase. You will be best served to make your reservations as far in advance as possible if you are planning your Vancouver BC travel for the summer months.

Autumn is a beautiful time to be in Vancouver even though it tends to rain often, which can many times obscure the views of the North Shore Mountains in the distance. Temperatures do remain agreeable, however, and as in the spring, with the right gear, you should have no problem enjoying all that the city has to offer. The biggest drawback of winter in Vancouver is that the days are substantially shorter in terms of hours of daylight. The temperatures are cold, but the precipitation is mostly rain. If it does snow, it very rarely accumulates on the ground. This is the slowest time of the year for Vancouver tourism.

The best time to go to Vancouver depends on your specific areas of interest. Luckily enough there are a broad diversity of attractions, from outdoor sports to shopping and entertainment, to keep everyone satisfied.

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