Victoria BC

In contrast to the newness of Vancouver, a stunning ferry ride across the Strait of Georgia, Victoria, British Columbia is a city that has preserved its heritage. Victoria BC Canada has long presented itself as a quaint, English-influenced town to the very responsive American market. But the afternoon tea and elaborate rose gardens are not just part of the tourist trap. Residents of the capital city of Victoria have incorporated this ‘Englishness’ into their lifestyle and identity.

Victoria Canada
Victoria Canada

Though it may be influenced by English style, a Victoria vacation is like no other in the world. Perhaps in part because of its island location, Victoria BC Canada is a much slower paced city than Vancouver. The spectacular scenery in and around the city is a Victoria attraction that draws in tourists and retirees. The getting there is part of the experience. Taking the 90-minute ferry from the mainland, it’s not uncommon to see orcas, porpoises, seals, and bald eagles along the way. Even if you don’t, the splendor of the Canadian Gulf Islands and the Straight of Georgia are enough of an eyeful for the journey.

In order to see every Victoria attraction out there, it may help to find a Victoria vacation package to pack it all in. This way, you can maximize your time in Victoria, while seeing the best of the attractions.

A Victoria vacation package is sure to include the famous Butchart Gardens, around for over 100 years. These world-class gardens are one of attractions that Victoria is known for. Every Saturday during the summer there is a fireworks show, making it an even more of an unforgettable experience.

For an attraction suited for a family vacation Victoria, nothing beats whale-watching. Victoria is an ideal place for orca (killer whale) spotting because of the orca’s traveling habits. Only orcas in BC travel in large pods, so it is easy to see a large group of them traveling together.

Don’t conclude your Victoria vacation without seeing the Royal BC Museum. Even if you aren’t generally interested in museums, this is one that you are sure to enjoy. The Royal BC Museum is a Victoria attraction that will best explain the history and people of BC. There are art displays, sections on geology and wildlife, models, exhibits and a fantastic section dedicated to BC First Nations. Every display is accompanied by informative and concise descriptions.

On your Victoria vacation make sure to taste the English side of the city. Take part in the afternoon tea ritual, and then make your way through the English village. The English village holds some re-created English Tudor-style buildings and is decorated with authentic 16th century antiques. A highlight: the replica of Shakespere’s birthplace and cottage of his wife, Anne Hathaway.

For a bit of exercise and to see the true beauty of Victoria BC Canada, climb up Mount Douglas to see the panoramic view of the Saanich Peninsula. If you aren’t ambitious enough to climb, go ahead and drive.

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