Butchart Gardens Tours

Butchart Gardens tours are among the most popular tours in Victoria. This is due to the beauty of the gardens and the fact that there are various tour options. Many Butchart Gardens visitors stick to self-guided tours, as it can be a joy to explore the 55 public acres all by yourself. For those who prefer guided Butchart Gardens tours, there are numerous Pacific Northwest tour operators that offer them. More often than not, these guided tours include other rewarding experiences, so weighing all of the available options is best.

Self-guided Butchart Gardens tours allow visitors to take things in at their own pace. Numerous pathways lead to different areas, and there are plenty of greenhouses to duck into if the weather is bad. The peak growing season at Butchart Gardens is summer, so this is arguably the best time to drop by for a self-guided tour, though winter season visitors can hope to enjoy the Butchart Gardens Christmas decorations. Special twelve-month Butchart Gardens tickets are available for those who wish to visit on multiple occasions throughout the year.

Anyone who visits Butchart Gardens during the peak summer season will have the chance to enjoy a 45-minute electric boat tour offered by the Gardens. On these tours, an eco-friendly, twelve-passenger boat is used to ply the waters of Brentwood Bay and the Tod Inlet. Wildlife viewing and general sightseeing are the main focus, and guests also get insight into the history of the gardens. Among the creatures that are most commonly spotted on the Butchart Gardens electric boat tours are eagles and seals.

Rounding out the Butchart Gardens tour options are the guided tours that are offered by any number of regional tour operaters. These tours can include just the gardens themselves and last a few hours, or they can include the gardens and a variety of other top-rated Victoria attractions and last the better part of a day. Buses are most often used for these organized tours, and ferry transportation is also provided when necessary. To find a tour operator, ask at your hotel information desk or at a local tourism office.

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