Victoria BC Cruises

Victoria BC cruises range from large to small. Both large cruise companies and smaller regional operations offer cruises that either embark from or visit Victoria, and often times, fun things to do are included on the itinerary. Of course, it just might be the stunning natural beauty of British Columbia that makes Victoria cruises so wonderful.

The large cruise companies that offer Victoria BC cruises typically venture throughout the Pacific Northwest region. Stops are made at ports in such places as Victoria, Vancouver, and Alaska. As the big boats ply their ways through the area sounds, passengers take in stunning mountain vistas while also scanning the surface of the water for whales and other fascinating marine creatures. Once at port, the chance to get on land and enjoy any number of fun activities is possible. Sometimes, these activities involve getting right back out on the water, as is the case with kayaking or boating excursions.

The Victoria BC cruises can originate out of any number of cities. Vancouver is one of them, as are Seattle, San Diego, and more distant cities such as Florida's Fort Lauderdale. Once the ships set sail, so to speak, you might make stops in Mexico, Panama, Oregon, and a variety of other destinations before or after you hit Victoria. The itineraries can be extensive, and depending on which cruise you ultimately select, the journey could last more than a month.

The cruise terminal in Victoria BC can be found in the James Bay neighborhood at Ogden Point. This puts it about a mile from the downtown core.

Numerous ferries visit Victoria as well. They arrive at the ferry terminal in the Inner Harbour from ports such as Bellingham, Seattle, and Port Angeles, Washington; or Vancouver, BC.

For cruise passengers, the Victoria cruise excursions provide some great options for things to do once on land. Visiting Butchart Gardens is among the most popular pursuits, and general city tours that include things such as a stop at Craigdarroch Castle and some afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel are also popular. As for getting back out on the water, wildlife viewing excursions that employ the use of a boat or a kayak can be arranged. The Victoria whale watching tours are especially excellent.

Should you already find yourself in Victoria, taking a short cruise on a smaller boat is an option. Boat tours that take to the harbor waters can be a joy, and since they only last around 40 minutes, they can also be ideal for those who are tight on time. Party cruises and dinner cruises can also be arranged in Victoria, and the same is true of fishing charters and ferry trips to such regional destinations as Vancouver and Seattle.

No Victoria vacation would arguably be complete without some time on the water, and for those who are just passing through on a larger cruise ship, finding fun things to do once in town is easy. Tourism is on the rise in the British Columbia capital for a reason. This is simply one fantastic city to visit.

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