Victoria Ferries

Victoria ferries provide an excellent way to get to or from the capital city of British Columbia, and there are a number of routes to choose from. Among the most popular is the Vancouver to Victoria route, with the total journey time taking around an hour and a half. It is possible to board a Victoria car ferry in a few different places should the need to transport a vehicle arise, and bicycles can also be stored on the ship more often than not.

Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria

B.C. Ferries is among the most renowned ferry operations in the Victoria region, and it offers the most direct route between Vancouver and Victoria. This route is the Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay route. The trip takes around 95 minutes. The Tsawwassen port is approximately twelve miles south of Vancouver, while the Swartz Bay port is easy to reach from Victoria thanks to Highway 17. Ferries traveling between Vancouver and Victoria are available on a daily basis, and they generally operate between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., though the schedule varies a little depending on the day or season.

Other regional companies offer ferries that are worth considering when trying to get from Vancouver to Victoria and vice versa. These ferries depart from the Vancouver area destinations of Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay. The arrival point for these cruises is actually closer to Nanaimo than Victoria, so it is necessary to either drive or take another boat the rest of the way.

Ferry from Seattle to Victoria

Ferries bound for Vancouver Island and the BC capital of Victoria also depart from a few different destinations in Washington State. These include the passenger-only ferries from Seattle to Victoria. Victoria Clipper is the company that offers them, and the trip takes about three hours. You'll pass through the Puget Sound on these ferry trips and eventually enter the also scenic waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. In Victoria, the ferry hub at the Inner Harbour will be your arrival point. This puts passengers within easy reach of the city's best hotels and attractions.

Year-round departures are available, and there are trips made most every day when it comes down to it.

Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria

Ferries bound for Victoria also depart from the Washington State destination of Port Angeles. The crossing time for these trips depends on which company you choose. One company offers passenger-only ferry trips that only take an hour, while the other provides vehicle and passenger ferries. During the peak summer season, the number of daily crossings is increased, and as is typical of the regional ferry service in general, the boats don't operate for a certain amount of time in January. The arrival point in Victoria is once again the ferry port at the Inner Harbour.

Ferry from Bellingham to Victoria

The ferries that travel between Bellingham Washington and Victoria are a little different than the more standard ferries. They are more like cruises when it comes down to it. Offered mid-May through September, these cruises feature a buffet dinner spread, which can help to pass the time during the three-hour journey. The Fairhaven Terminal is the departure/arrival point in Bellingham, with the Inner Harbour ferry port being the docking point in Victoria. Round-trip service is available for the ferries from Bellingham to Victoria, and guests have the chance to stay overnight or add a Victoria tour to the mix. There is only one daily ferry that travels between Bellingham and Victoria during the mid-May to September season, and reservations are required.

Ferry from Anacortes to Victoria

Rounding out the options when it comes to the Victoria ferries are the ferries that travel between the Washington State port at Anacortes and the Victoria area port at Sidney. These ferries can accommodate passengers and vehicles, and the transfer time takes around one hour and 45 minutes. The Washington State Department of Transportation is responsible for offering the Anacortes to Victoria ferries, and they run on a very consistent basis.

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