Victoria Flights

Victoria flights are offered by both major airlines and smaller regional airlines that can provide charter service, so the options are quite complete. This is great news for visitors to the capital of British Columbia who aren't planning on arriving by way of ferry or another kind of boat. Once at the airport, it's just a short fifteen-mile trip to the downtown area, and various airport transportation options are available.

The main arrival point for Victoria flights is the Victoria International Airport, which offers everything that the air traveler could want or need in terms of amenities and facilities. Direct connections to this airport come from such regional destinations as Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland, and there are also direct flights that embark from other major Canadian cities found outside British Columbia. More often than not, air travelers who are coming from U.S. cities other than Seattle and Portland must make a connection before arriving at the Victoria Airport.

Victoria flights don't always arrive at the airport. Floatplanes, or seaplanes as they are also known, provide service to the capital of Canada's westernmost province, and they can originate out of any number of British Columbia destinations. The landing spot for the floatplanes that are destined for Vancouver is the Inner Harbour, putting visitors who travel this way immediately in the center of all the action and close to the top attractions. It is also possible to take a seaplane or a floatplane to other Vancouver Island destinations, such as Tofino, so you don't have to limit yourself to Victoria if you don't want to. Among the main regional flight providers are Kenmore Air, Air BC. Kenmore Air flies out of Seattle and offers routes to a few Northwest destinations.

Victoria airfare, as is true of airfare in general, can be expensive. There are some things that travelers can do to help save on flight rates, however. For starters, flights that are booked well in advance are almost always cheaper than flights that are booked at the last minute. When trying to secure cheap Victoria flights or Victoria flight deals, checking the vacation package options can also pay off. Vacation packages are designed to help travelers arrange their trips, and discounts are often figured in.

It is possible to start searching for deals on Victoria flights right here on the Destination360 website. Convenient travel planning boxes can be found to the right of the main article pictures, and these boxes allow you to compare flights and a variety of other things, such as car rentals and hotels. In a short amount of time, those who access these compare and save travel boxes can be well on their way to Victoria vacation savings.

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